Judgement Day: O Levels Result

In General - Old Posts on February 9, 2007 at 11:07 am

Quoted from

81.6% of students scored 5 or more ‘O’ level passes in 2006 GCE exams
By Pearl Forss, Channel NewsAsia | Posted: 09 February 2007 1540 hrs

The ‘O’ Level examination results were released on Friday, with 81.6 percent of students getting 5 or more GCE ‘O’ level passes.

This was a slight increase from the 80.7 percent pass rate for 2005.

There were a total of 38,593 school candidates in the 2006 examinations, and 99.9 percent of them were awarded certificates.

Students can collect their results from their schools, while private candidates may access their results at

In 2004, 82.7 percent of students scored 5 or more ‘O’ level passes.

The drop in 2005 was attributed to the fact that some 2,000 students in the cohort skipped the ‘O’ levels, as they were on the Integrated Programme which took them straight to the ‘A’ levels. – CNA/ch

81.6% Passes and I’m one of them! Scoring 20 for my L1R5 and 14 for my L1R4. The grades are as show below.

English B3
Chinese B Pass
Maths C5
Humanities A1
Science(Bio/Chem) A2
Art C6

I screwed up my Maths, seriously. If I had done better I’ll get at least a B3. POA was also a let down, I expected an A2 at least. Art was understandable, I didn’t really give a damn as it was consuming too much of my time, so future O level candidates! Do NOT ever choose Art as your elective or whatsoever.

Overall, I’m satisfied with my results. As seen from the above picture I made during the Prelims, many of my subjects fall short of my target. Though many of my subjects fall short of my targeted score, it have proven that hard work will always be accompanied by success. I definitely need more practice in maths!

That’s all for now, might post more later. Bye bye O Levels!


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