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Sorry for the lower frequency of updates nowadays,…

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Sorry for the lower frequency of updates nowadays, but there’s seriously nothing much to blog about. But worry not, soon enough I will post an update totally dedicated to my new home. Due to the new schedule, it’s quite tiring nowadays so I’ll do some updates based on a few points to save time and energy, I will only do full updates on weekends. So far, Polytechnic life is still quite relaxed, but the time in school is not. I can safely say that SP is a school of stairs. Everywhere you go, you will encounter flights of stairs. For a person like me, which do not have lot of stamina and a heavy sweater, it’s a night mare. That’s all for now! Cya!


Let’s condemn malaysia

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Let’s condemn Malaysia together!

Need subtitles?

New. 16th April, the offical day I start staying …

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16th April, the offical day I start staying in my new house. Other than that, it is also a date to mark my new polytechnic life at SP. Being important aspects of my life, I believe it will change my lifestyle drastically, especially living in a landed home. This means I will have to walk all the way out to the bus-stop and vice versa to reach home. This will be happening until I get my driving license, which is at least 2 months away, another thing to look forward to.

Since I love cars so much(not as much as the past), driving might just be another hobby of mine, I wonder if I will cruise around Singapore all day if I don’t have anything to do. Another advantage of owning a car is being able to escape the commuters every morning, afternoon and at night. Enduring the crowd is not easy, it’s stuffy, squeezy and makes it very difficult to get out of the MRT when your stop is due. Sounds like it’s still a long way to go, but the time will come!

As you guys will notice, I had not been blogging for such a long period. This is due to the moving-house-syndrome. It took a grueling 2 weeks just to move house due to the bloody Indonesia sand ban, damn em. Sand is such a precious commodity in Singapore nowadays, hundreds of development will be delayed due to them, an obvious showing of jealousy. Getting back to the topic, the completion of my house had been delayed, It has not be completed even until today, minor construction is still going on outdoors, that’s why I am then able to blog using my old router.

The past two weeks is boring, staying at the chalet at Downtown East is not a very fun experience, nor is it easy to get by. It’s at Pasir Ris, the other end of Singapore. And coincidentally or rather, sadly, I have to go back to school for orientation,which is at Dover. A 1 hour train ride from Pasir Ris to Dover, omfg. The worse thing is, there is no seats to sit on, and you’ve got to stand all the way to Dover. Picture that, and repeat it for 3 days(1h30mins for Thursday as it is to Boon Lay), it’s HELL! During one of the days, last Thursday if I remember correctly, I went to Wild Wild Wet with my sis, bro and jia ching. It was fun, one of the most enjoyable days of my life. Played there for around 2-3 hours, was very tiring but it was worth it. The stay at the chalet allowed me to learn that staying without all the family members can be such an uneasy experience, as my Father and Brother stayed at the new home, while my Sis and Mum stayed at the chalet. Next, about school.

School unofficially started last week due to orientation. I get to know my new classmates, which gave me a sigh of relief, I don’t have crazy friends like those in my SB camp. First day was ok, but I didn’t really talk much, which is firstly because I don’t usually talk to strangers and secondly, I am not that sociable. I feel quite awkward because all the other boys( other than Steven) are flirting away, which leave me and another guy talking to each other. I feel so left out as I am of different character with them, especially their mind set which I feel I shouldn’t mention here. Some of them also smoke, which is something I hate most. My class have only 6 boys, 3 of them smokes. So the only close friends I can make is the other 2, which is kinda miserable I feel. I guess I’ll know them better as time goes by. That’s all for today, cya!