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In General - Old Posts on October 31, 2006 at 2:53 pm

ORCHARD TURN(Q42009) 56 Storeys, 218m

Omg, that’s one bloody nice tower, build it FAST!!!

Anyway, tomorrow’s O level, bio and art. Wish me all the best!



In General - Old Posts on October 24, 2006 at 5:43 am

*sniff sniff*

I smell a rat, an idiotic one.

This farking rat wants attention, here you go, let the world know what a retarded irritant you can be.

One word, you’re STUPID. Don’t you know all your unintelligent spam can be deleted by a single click of my mouse? You’re wasting your time, oh wait, you have LOTS of time I remember. Sadly you use them for stupid purposes.

Obviously you don’t want me to study in peace. Is that because you don’t want us to go further than you in terms of your acadamic performance?Or you just want us to stay in school with you? I guess it’s the latter since it doesn’t sound as bad. But in reality, we ARE leaving you and we’ve heard of a very surprising but delighting news about you regarding your results but I should not reveal it here as I know you won’t want to lose more face.

Soon enough, people will know what type of a person you can be, irritating, stupid, useless and flirtatious. Go on “walalala-ing” around and see where you will end up. Don’t say I’m harsh on my words, you made me do this. Bye, loser 🙂 Have fun seeing hundreds of generations of secondary 1 students!

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October 12 – This marks the offical day of the end…

In General - Old Posts on October 12, 2006 at 2:20 pm

October 12 – This marks the offical day of the end of my art coursework, finally.

On the other hand, this marks the first time I’ve forgotten to bring my wallet to school. The feeling of being without a wallet is… great! My pocket feels much much lighter. Moreover, I won’t have a big bumb coming out of my pants, looks so stupid. BUT, I feel so poor! No money for food, drinks, taxi and even a bus!! Fortunately, Lionel have the heart to treat me both breakfast and lunch, not to forget a busride home! Thanks dude! Nothing much other than bio, poa, english and art. After school was chemistry. Very very useful I must say, Mdm Chia went through the 5 year series papers and I am very grateful to her, cleared most of my doubts. She even said I can score an A1 for chem! This ain’t possible without MDM CHIA, my tuition teacher and friends.

After chemistry was art, again. Not a nice one definitely, that fat bitch was seen bitching around insulting someone, saying about – someone that likes another person who dosen’t even like him/her at all. This sentence backfires on herself. Liking someone that don’t like you yet is better than THROWING yourself at them just because they’re as ugly and fliratious as you. Thinking that – oh, I look good in (PHOTOSHOPED) photos *pukes*, so i think EVERYONE will like me when I SMILE. Omfg, burn in hell man! Others that are hardworking that have an aim like going to a JC is better than sourcing for boyfriends that can feed you for life, ignoring studies. Being a bitch is bad enough, being a lazy one is worse. Anyway, don’t ask me who this bitch is, look around in class and you’ll immediately know. It’s that obvious since she’s the one and only fat ugly chinese we have in class.

Today is the final and last time I gonna blog until the O’s are over, serious serious serious. No more procrastination, my computer parts will be dismantled and to be fixed back only after the O’s, so yeah, no more updates.

To all my friends(exluding the bitch 🙂 ) taking the O’s, wishing you luck for your O’s is useless. So I’ll wish that you all have the strength and will to study real real hard, get good results and a bright future for ALL OF US! This few weeks will determine the career we lead in the future. FOR CLOUDSS!!!!!!

the smile to die for!

Finally time to post! I finally finished my ART co…

In General - Old Posts on October 10, 2006 at 1:48 pm

Finally time to post! I finally finished my ART coursework, my new regret in my whole secondary school life. Should have taken FnN, art requires lotssssssssss of effort and time, time which can be used to study my main subjects instead. Enough of that. School was boring, english maths and ART.

Halfway into doing my art, I realised that I need to photostat some papers. On the way to the bookshop after going to the toilet, I felt something heavy and disgusting! Before I made that fateful turn round the corner, I took a deep breath and got ready to face something enormous! The fat bitch is back!!!! OMFG, my oesophagus was almost filled with puke -_-. I knew I would have a bad day after her presence. Her hair was tied the way shit was stacked and her fats were showing, darn. To those that saw her friendster profile, don’t her her photoshopped pictures with her artifical smiles and reduced fats fool you! What I said before these two sentences is what you will expect to see after splashing her make-up away, honest! Let’s hope I don’t have such bitchy and disgusting classmates in poly. After that, my time after that got bad indeed. I had English with Ms Teo. Was ok when there’s only the few 4Es in the class but when the 5As came in, hell broke lose. These 5A bastard were like LAUGHING away, their jokes were so cold that the I almost freezed to death. The whole lesson they were laughing away and I was sitting there emotionless . And to my surprise, their IQ was lower than I expected. Teacher gave us a passage to do and it was pretty easy. However, whenever teacher asks a simple “Why” question, they take ages to answer them. Although I know the answer, I want to see how long their retarded brains takes to think of the answers so I remained silent for the whole 2 hours. Miserable times indeed, blame that bitch la!

My morning started with a loud sneeze and this led…

In General - Old Posts on October 2, 2006 at 1:45 pm

My morning started with a loud sneeze and this led to a runny nose for the whole day until now. Today is the start of the intensive revision programme which doesn’t really feel intensive at all. Started with mother tongue which is kind of boring and dull. I was sleepy but couldn’t sleep as tien yeh and yi wei was “flirting” away and making one another laugh with their so called hilarious jokes. Ben toh managed to sleep, amazingly.

After clb was s.s, which is rather informative and I did benefit a lot from it as I finally understand the ART of answering source based questions after such a long period of time. The lesson felt longer than expected though. Soon after that was maths and we did an International O level examination, which was held in june for international students. Just a few minutes into the paper, I was stunned by the difficulty. If there were 4 kinds of diffuculty namely Greenhorn, Recruit , Private and Captain, this paper’s diffculty will definitely be greenhorn where your enemies rush at you and freezes for you to shoot them in the game. Is this what we, the students prepare for this few gruelling years? After countless extremely diffcult prelim papers we did and we are preparing for something of difficulty not even a tenth of the offical papers, wow.

Anyway, maths ended and I went for art which was kinda redundent as I couldn’t do anything with my mucus flowing down on and on and on and on…and on -_-. I gave up eventually and met Zul at the canteen, where we sat for an hour waiting for Lionel. The another Zul came along and after Lionel finished his amaths we made our way to J8 to buy Zul’s Mp3. We brought zul’s mp3 which was a 1GB Muvo, with no rechargable batteries and costs 149. Sadly, thats the only choice as his budget was only 150 bucks. That another zul wanted to buy present for his friend and he went to NTUC? Wtf? Kinda wierd. So we went around suggesting things to buy such as soft toys, cereals, chocolates and even kid’s drinks. Kinda lame, but I guess we had too much time and we should be studying instead of shopping for stupid stuff. Zul and Lionel got lame and changed the positions of some “bears” . LMAO!!

After that we realised how much time we had wasted and proceeded to the library. Was crowded as we had expected but the superb interior made it worth it. Could’nt find a place at first but after exploring for 5-10mins we settled down. Started to do chemistry but sitting on the floor was awkward so I studied S.S instead. At that time I was looking foward to dinner as I have not eaten for the whole day, serious! At 6.15 I woke up and they were chatting away. Then we saw an irresponsible and disgusting guy that took his slippers off and sat on the cushion as if it’s his own HOME wtf? Not that clear though!


Chat a little more and that zul did something retarded. A group of RI students which are all alien to us arrived at opposite of our position and he saw them using a laptop. He walked all the way and asked if he could borrow it -_-. Only a retard would lend his laptop to a stranger, LOL! He got rejected and came back. And as our topic changed into handphones this zul threw his handphone about like a…ball? It’s a bloody N70! Though it sucks I know it’s not cheap either and he treated it like this? Gah. Enough of that.

Finally dinner at 7! Nothing much and we went to old chang kee and took a bus home. Even at such late hours I can see the haze that we experienced due to the bloody indonesians. Who knows? Maybe the persistent flu I got was due to the disgusting particles the wind blew from indonesia. Look at the haze!

Reached home at last, feeling exhausted. That’s all, bye!

Darn, my poor thumb got squashed by my bro’s fats …

In General - Old Posts on October 1, 2006 at 2:54 pm

Darn, my poor thumb got squashed by my bro’s fats and it still hurts after 20 mins. I wonder if I can still write tomorrow. Anyway, I’ve decided not to study at home anymore as it is a strenuous task to balance COMPUTER with studies and hence I have to study outdoors to avoid distractions from the computer. Lets see if zul and the rest want to study outdoors as well, so cya!