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Thanks, Starhub.

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For the pathetic services they’re providing.

Recent news regarding Starhub’s speed cap on international websites have proven that the S$81 bucks my Father had payed monthly for their “PREMIUM” Maxonline plan has gone to waste.

As read from here, a user proved that Starhub had capped international surfing speed at 10-15kb/s. Which is WAY below what we should get, for me, a “Premium” Maxonline user, should get speeds at 1200KB/s.

Starhub has so far provided very poor internet service to us, disconn

At around 12 yesterday, I was unable to complete this post due to some connection error due to the modem, continuous resetting of the modem and router doesn’t help at all, until 10.30am today I am then able to connect to the internet.

Continuing yesterday’s post, what Starhub had provided us wasn’t world-class at all. Being subscribed to Maxonline Premium, I believe I should get download speeds of at least 12,000kb/s, however, for the previous years I’ve been using Starhub, the maximum speed I’ve got is only around 1mb/s, and not to mention that it is very very rare, common downloads are at a minimum of 60-70kb/s and a maximum of 100kb/s. Is is what Starhub call “Premium” ?

Going on, I have yet to mention the whole Linksys “incident”. As I had mentioned earlier, due to random disconnections I had encountered, my sister called Starhub to check with them what was actually happening. Well, Starhub said I was still connected to the server and my modem is “fine”, so they recommended us to get a new router as my old router might be faulty. Convinced, my Father bought a brand new Linksys router, and we happily configured it. We were quite excited as this router will allow us to surf at a wider range, it covers almost any part of my house. It worked fine at first, however, a few hours later, the connection suddenly disconnected as well.

Considering the fact that the router is brand new, how could it possibly be faulty? Configurations are fine and we are all still connected to the wireless router, so now what? Get another router? Nope. My sister called Starhub and guess what they said? They told us that it lies with the router, AGAIN. At that time we were very pissed with what they said, they told us to call Linksys U.S Customer Support, which is toll-free, so we did. The service we received is superb, however, it didn’t work, they then told us to contact our ISP, which is Starhub. So it went on and on, Linksys, Starhub, Linksys, Starhub and Linksys again. We tried to repair it for at least 2-3 hours, but to no avail.

And now? International speed cap? God, 90% of our internet contents are INTERNATIONAL. No wonder I felt the internet slowing down recently.

Shall I convert to Singnet?Hmm..

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That new Ipod Nano looks just great!!

And it plays VIDEOS.

The offical specs are:

  • Height: 2.75 inches (69.8 mm)
  • Width: 2.06 inches (52.3 mm)
  • Depth: 0.26 inch (6.5 mm)
  • Weight: 1.74 ounces (49.2 grams)

Which comes with :

  • iPod nano
  • Earphones
  • USB 2.0 cable
  • Dock adapter
  • Quick Start guide


  • 2-inch (diagonal) liquid crystal display with blue-white LED backlight
  • 320-by-240-pixel resolution at 204 pixels per inch

The rest of information of the new Ipod Nano can be found here.

It sounds great, coincides with the death of my ipod nano, should I?  Damn it’s so tempting!

For us, Singaporeans, the 4GB version comes at S$248 while the 8GB version comes at S$ 348.00.


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Even before I took out the DV9202tx from the box, I can feel its power already. The instant I took it out, the first sight of it made me realize how beautiful it is, times more beautiful than the ones I saw in shops. The shiny surface reflects even the tiniest details, the HP logo depicts the dominance Hp has in the entertainment laptop market. I lifted the lit, and felt the surface, it’s even smoother than anything I’ve ever felt. Unable to resist my temptation, I tapped on the power button. Icons on the QuickPlay™ bar glowed with blue light, just like the powerful sun about to unleash it’s powerful sunlight. The uber clear 17′ WXGA+ screen displays the HP logo, and unknowingly, it was on Windows Vista the next instant. Unrivaled speed indeed. The moment I finished configuring the settings using the Synaptics Pointing Device, I knew buying this laptop was the rightest thing I did. It was one of the tightest moment I ever had in my life.

Taken from Pavilion Ownage, 29th Mar, 2007.

This summary thingy brings back very good memories, but it just sounds so wrong nowadays. If I would to give my lappy a summary now, it’d be:

Even before I took out the DV9202tx from my bag, I can feel its burden already. The instant I took it out, the first sight of it made me realize how many scratches it has, times more ugly than the ones I saw in shops. The dim surface absorbs even the tiniest details, the HP logo depicts the dominance Hp has in the entertainment laptop market. I lifted the lit, and felt the surface, it’s even rougher than anything I’ve ever felt. Unable to resist my temptation, I slammed on the power button. Icons on the QuickPlay™ bar glowed with blue dim light, with some of the parts unable to light up, just like the Malaysia’s Proton Waga trying to on the headlights about to unleash it’s ugly light. The uber clear 17′ WXGA+ screen with tons of stain on it displays the HP logo, and knowingly, it was on Windows XP the next 10 minutes. Surpassed speed indeed. The moment I finished configuring the settings using the Synaptics Pointing Device, I knew buying this laptop was the wrongest thing I did. It was one of the most boring moment I ever had in my life.

A little exaggerating, but indeed, my laptop is in a very bad shape now. It’s running quite slowly after 30mins of usage, takes 5 secs to open a folder and 1 min to right click on a file. Some videos stutters very badly, with corrupted sounds. The screen won’t off when I close the lid, but sparkles like the stars. My mouse cursor disappears at times when surfing the web. Everything is going very wrong, I have yet to contact HP for support and visit the school to reinstall Windows Xp. Quite disappointing indeed.

Anyway, might be creating another blog dedicated to Singapore News, Information and stuff to utilize the domain I bought a few months ago.

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Internet Addiction

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I have been wondering for a long time why the hell I can manage to stay in front of the computer for hours in the absence of games? Games, which is my previous past-time, have been long dead. But now, with the rapid increase of the amount of content in the internet, the amount of things you can do online is infinite.

We have Google, Yahoo, flickr, WordPress and Youtube. These Five are portals to a gigantic world of information. Want info? Google or yahoo it. Want entertainment? Youtube it. Have a craving of speaking it out? Log in to . Love photography? Surf Flickr.

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“Funtastic” day

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Well today was basically a great day, not exactly totally great but still a good day.

Started off visiting my grandmother in hospital today at National University Hospital, a super run down place where everything is old, it has the 80’s feeling, the cladding ,the equipment, everything.

My grandma was in quite a bad state, wasn’t really sure what was her illness but what I know is that there’s excess water in her brain and they will have to be drained out. It was very depressing, looking at the state she was in, all of us felt very sad for her. Some of her memory was lost and she couldn’t recognize my sister. There were needles plugged into her hands, stomach and her head. Was thinking if any of us will end up like this in the future, really scary. I wish her a speedy recovery.

We stayed for at least an hour until my Aunt from Malaysia and my Uncle came.

We went home after that. My Sister’s friend greeted us at our gates when we arrived, a funny bunch of people indeed. Majority of them were girls from what I saw, only one guy was there. A few of them were staying in my house for 2 days, the rest where here for a steamboat party. Marcus, Mabel and Wei Kang came after that. Marcus was like afraid of Snoopy, but they played hide and seek with each other and Wei Kang was cooking the food for us. It was superb, the Satay he made was 2-3 times better than the one we ate at Mabel’s party. We had things like hotdogs, fishballs, meatballs, crabrolls etc. Overall it was superb, It was all specially made by Wei Kang, which I want to thank! The whole dinner ended up with desserts, which was made by my Sister’s friends, it was top-notch! The quality was on-par with what I had ate in restaurants, complete with fudge, biscuit and bananas. Mine was Vanilla Delights, it was total vanilla pwnage.

The rest of us then went up to my room and watch TV. We intended to play sequence at first but everyone was too tired, perhaps because everyone was too full and the energy was needed to digest all the food. I myself was exhausted after being beside the steamboat for a few hours. They then went home at around 9.

My day ended with a letter from IRAS( Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore). I WON THE PHOTOGRAPHY COMPETITION! The first ever prize I had ever won! Although the prize wasn’t THAT great, it was motivating. At least I won something related to Singapore. I am now awaiting the results of the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple Photography Competition, I wonder if I could win it. Whatever it is, photography is gonna stay as one of my top hobbies!

That’s all for today, I will have to do some photoshopping for my cousins now, see ya!



Nikon D-80, one of my favorite gadgets!

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Singapore’s BOOMING!

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Singapore economy to grow faster than expected


Singapore City Skyline

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40 Fun Facts About Singapore

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Taken from: Uniquely Singapore.

Learn some fun facts about Singapore! Did you know…

  1. Singapore consists only of one main island and 63 other tiny islands. Most of these islands are uninhabited.
  2. Singapore is among the 20 smallest countries in the world, with a total land area of only 682.7 square kilometres. The USA is about 15,000 times bigger.
  3. Apart from Monaco, Singapore is the most densely populated country in the world, with 6,430 people per square kilometre.
  4. Singapore became the 117th member of the United Nations on 21 September 1965.
  5. Symbolism of the National Flag: Red symbolises universal brotherhood and equality of man while white signifies purity and virtue. The crescent moon represents a young nation on the rise and the five stars signify the ideals of democracy, peace, progress, justice and equality.
  6. The national flower of Singapore, Vanda Miss Joaquim, was first discovered in 1893 by Agnes Joaquim, an Armenian. The orchid is a natural hybrid between V. teres and V. hookeriana.
  7. The Merlion, a half-fish, half-lion beast, is a fitting symbol of Singapore. The “Singa” or lion represents the animal that a Sumatran prince saw which resembled a lion, and the fish is a tribute to Singapore’s history as “Temasek”, the ancient sea town.
  8. Singlish, a Singaporean patois mixing English with the odd phrase of Chinese, Malay and even Tamil, has two entries – lah and sinseh – in the online version of the Oxford English Dictionary.
  9. Although English is the official working language and the most widely used language in Singapore, the national anthem ‘Majulah Singapura‘ is actually sung in Malay.
  10. The flying fox, the world’s largest bat with a wingspan of up to 1.5 metres, can be found on Pulau Ubin, one of the islands off mainland Singapore. Read the rest of this entry »

Conservation VS Demolition

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Who wins?

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