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Ahh,sunday.Woke up feeling so fresh,never had this…

In General - Old Posts on July 23, 2006 at 9:40 am

Ahh,sunday.Woke up feeling so fresh,never had this feeling for such a long time.Today was special,we ate out today at prata house,kind fun as that retard was like making us laugh the whole journey there.Upon arrival,ordered 8 eggs,1 Chicken,1 sardin and 2 original pratas.It was a long wait but it was worth it,the egg in the prata was like WOW!I’ve never seen so much egg squeezed into a prata before,what a great breakfast it is.So my father talked about a new house he’ve been recommended,a semi-d!Nice,finally my own room without interruptions from my brother :P.And yeah,we did went house-hunting,the bungolows looks pretty great,but maybe they’re out of our reach..for now.One single semi-d sure interests us,it’s big with a large garden at the back,and with a big parking space inside and outside.The only bad thing is that it’s so deep inside,with so many turns but it’s nothing if we had a car but it would pose a problem trying to walk in.

After that,we went a few more rounds and eventually went home.

Will not be using the computer anymore,including my sis computer =X.I know I’ve been repeating myself since months ago,but this time it’s more serious.I’m going to dismantle both my sis and my own computer,so..tata!I’ve got lots of good plans after the O’s,now,lets work hard for the O’S!Good luck my friends!


Damn it,I CAN’T SLEEP FOR GOD’S SAKE!!Have been ly…

In General - Old Posts on July 19, 2006 at 1:40 pm

Damn it,I CAN’T SLEEP FOR GOD’S SAKE!!Have been lying on the bed for an hour or two but I still can’t bloody sleep.My mind’s spinning and spinning,tons of stuff comes up my mind.The stupid thing is,I CAN’T EVEN STUDY at all.Darn it,I’ve fallen into the love trap,preventing me from study and even sleep,how to survive?

On the other hand,I’ve come to know that this world getting dangerous.One of your few friends might be wearing a mask,doing evil things behind your back.Ended up in this state because of one single bitch,pure bitch.However,I shall not elaborate on it,makes my blood boil.

And now,I shall try to sleep once again..Sigh

New background :) Haven’t been posting for some t…

In General - Old Posts on July 15, 2006 at 5:09 pm

New background 🙂

Haven’t been posting for some time,kinda busy,O level stress is building up.

Today was boring,in fact,its boring everyday.Same routine,which was wake up,eat,study,tuition,rest and sleep.It just repeats itself the day after,this is life?

Finally,after so long,had I finally have the motivation to study.Guess it’s due to the proximity to the prelims.Next week I’ll do science,the week after will be S.S and geog.

Sigh,I wonder if its worth doing something for som…

In General - Old Posts on July 8, 2006 at 3:25 pm

Sigh,I wonder if its worth doing something for someone that don’t appreciate it at all.What is she thinking?

Avoiding me?Shy?Pretending?I want to know,but how?

Is my dream over?Or has it even started..