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Life is?

In General - Old Posts on February 25, 2006 at 8:55 am

Life is?

GG lah,didn’t blog for so long liao,due to extended school hours omg.Didn’t expect it to be so tiring,ended at 3.30,still got so many tests,have to rush homework.In the end,i broke down,i got sick,but the reason is unknown.On that day,many of the students also got sick,I got sick in the morning during poa,tahan until chemistry then I went to general office with christie,they said I was number 15,omg,what’s happening.After I was released,I went to the clinic with my mother,the doctor say it was normal flu,i was like wtf?My temperature was 38.9 if i remember correctly,blazing hot…but I wonder why did the school attendant’s thermometer reads 36.7,normal temperature?Normal flu?Why do I feel like I’m in antartica,it’s freeezing here even in singapore,I feel so weak.I had to walk back home myself,and jumped onto my bed without further delay,I slept instantly.Thing wasn’t as bad until i woke up,diahorrea season started,it lasted for so long that it affected my sleep,since when can i even sleep.For that period that i stayed awake,including the period i tried to sleep,i went in and out the toilet more than 15 times,horrible.Next day,at least it wasn’t as bad,but,still BAD.I can’t lie on my bed peacefully even for a minute,every time after i went out of my toilet,it hurts like theres no tomorrow,I don’t know if its cramp or something,but it definately hurt alot.After the cramp,here comes the toilet,this goes on.At night,when lionel or poh soo called me,I heard 7 people was absent as well,gg lah,what’s happening?Bird flu arh?Sars?Whatever.Day 3,nothing much to describe,not as bad,my mum took superb care of me this few days,but i’m still sick,till today,day 4,although I’m alot alot better compared to past few days.Gotta go now cya.