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the night is still young, very young.

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The night is still young, very young.

Sleep’s out for me, there are many things in my mind recently, reasons are still undercover. My mind’s trying to have a rest but at the same time, it’s whirling. My biggest obstacle is still laziness. It’s pulling me down, just like a small bird trying to fly with a 2 tonne rock tied to its feet. Statistics and Economics tests are over, but, I KNEW I didn’t gave them my best shot, I did not study for it much, or rather, my intentions to study deviated quite a lot. For the past two week, I’m only in the process of warming up to start studying, but never really did. What I gave was 5-10 minutes of my attention to these subjects.

It’s kind of ironic, I knew I was going to regret it when the results are out, but, I still don’t have the morale, the drive, the mood and the initiative to do it. Gone were the days when I studied so hard for my O Levels, it was 24/7 of studying, it was complete opposite, I gave 90% of my time to my O levels, 10% for my computer. Maybe it was because I knew my life would end the moment I screw my O levels up. I miss those days, as none of these days I had lived through did I have a thought of procrastinating my work at all. How am I going to get the mood back? Who knows? Maybe one day it will just pop up just like that for no specific reason, maybe it will never come back to me? I guess I will have to decide it myself. No one can help me, not even god.

I kept on wondering what will happen if I end up being a failure, what will become of the hopes being placed on me, the support given and the responsibility I have? My life will be worthless then.

I can’t let laziness kill me.



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Saw an Enzo on CTE just now while I was on my sister’s car, kinda ironic at the same time. It was stuck on a jam like me and my sis, driving a Ferrari in Singapore is never a good thing. I struggled to take a good picture of it, but was unable to due to the bad lighting conditions and using a camera phone.

If any of you guys are unable to decipher the picture, it is what is show below, but of a different variant, I think.

Time to mug for Statistics.

How Did Apple Get The iPhone Battery To Last Longer?

In General - Old Posts on June 25, 2007 at 3:44 am

“Apple announced on Monday that its much-anticipated iPhone will offer eight hours of talk time rather than the previously announced five. On Wednesday, Jack Shafer mocked journalists for lavishing attention on this tiny morsel of news. Even so, that clever bit of Apple PR got Explainer wondering: How do you make a battery last longer?”

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Online JPG to HTML Converter

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Probably how the “Crazy guy can draw using HTML!!!”A table is created which is filled with large numbers of 1×1 cells. Each cell has a background colour of the corresponding pixel in the image. That’s all it is; just a massive grid of coloured table cells. View the source to see the details.

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My blog is rated as seen below: Taken from Mar…

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My blog is rated as seen below:

Online Dating

Taken from Marcus’ Blog.


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My blog is worth $3,387.24.
How much is your blog worth?

Still pathetic, but an improvement. =X

Nothing much to update. Anyway.. Read my Visual…

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Nothing much to update.


Learnt about it from Marcus’ blog.

Nothing much going on today, statistics is in my m…

In General - Old Posts on June 22, 2007 at 12:27 pm

Nothing much going on today, statistics is in my mind the whole day.

The first few chapters were okay, but it comes to dispersion, I’m so screwed. For the whole afternoon, I still don’t understand the meaning of deviation, Cherbyshevs theorem and the whole bell thing. Until after I spammed that chapter for an hour, I did realize deviation was nothing too difficult to master, BUT, I still don’t know nuts about Cherbyshev Theorem and Empirical Rule crappo. Still, I’ll try out the thousands of exercises in the textbook, to make sure I don’t screw MST up, stress. I still have economics and POA to study, however, these are mostly memorization modules, so, not too much stress on these.

Other than these, I did spent quite a huge chunk of my time on research. Yes, research, but not on the study side, but on, err, weight losing “strategies”. From my research, I found out many interesting stuff I didn’t really know of before, and learnt many ways to lose weight. I’ve learnt more ways to warm-up before starting to jog, which food to take and which not to and lastly, found out how effective skipping was(even without a rope).

I’ll share the links with you guys.


Beginner’s Guide To Running
Losing Belly Fat

That’s just a few of them, I lost many links as I forgot to add them to favorites. That’s all for today. Bye!


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The drive to go legit

In General - Old Posts on June 21, 2007 at 1:54 am

The drive to go Legit, worth it? Or not.

We have advertisements everywhere, telling us not to steal music by downloading them illegally from the internet, without paying a cent. Well, I guess everybody did at least download one or two of them illegally from the web at least once in their lifetime, agreed? Well, as I said, the authorities and music companies are offering to sell us music online, cheaply, mostly for USD$0.99(1.52160 SGD). Yeah, most of us will think that SGD$1.5 is nothing, I thought that way, honestly. $1.5 for a song is considered cheap, since an album itself costs at least 18-20 bucks if I remember correctly, regardless of the amount of songs included in the discs. So let’s say one particular album consists of 10 songs, buying these 10 songs costs only $15, compared to the $18 we have to pay for the same amount of songs if we did went all the way to Gramophone to buy the album itself. For the thriftier aunties out there, transportation fees do count, right? Let’s just add a dollar to the total net cost. A total of $19 , compared to $15 , net difference of $4.

So, now we can safely declare that the purchase of songs online do actually cost cheaper, and more convenient as well, since the size of an mp3 is only around three to four megabytes big, we can actually listen to the song almost instantly. However, it’s easier said than done.

I myself love music, not all, almost all excluding disgusting emo songs, crappily sounding chinese songs etc. After owning an Ipod, my life, to an extend, did get better, since my commute time increases 2 or 3-fold. Music does indeed makes time goes faster, especially in a train or bus. Since then, what songs I listen does matter. I started a collection of music cds, then ripped them into my Ipod. I bought a few CDs for a start, such as Carpenters, ABBA and Gwen Stepani etc. Most teenagers will booo at my collections but to hell with them, since a majority of them love korean songs, emo songs and chinese songs(which I always boo at). I bought these CDs since I love most of the songs complied in it, I don’t usually buy albums which have only one or two nice songs in it, so the only solution? Download them online, legally, that is.

I have a particular crush on the song Dreams – The Cranberries. I did embed this song on my blog most of you would notice, but Imeem recently set a thirty-seconds preview on most songs, so it sounded scary on my blog. We actually have to OWN them to enable us to play these songs, oh well. Let’s buy the song Dreams online, shall we?

My first attempt was to download from Itunes, the most popular music download service ever. I did a search on the Search box on the top right corner, it gave many results. There you go, Dreams by The Cranberries. I clicked on buy, a pop-up appeared, I had to create a new account. I entered my particulars as usual, but when it comes to payment, uh oh, a problem cropped up.

I had to choose my country, but I don’t find Singapore in it.

Feeling frustrated, I canceled the selection of countries and set the default country as US. I entered my Paypal details, and got this error.

Thanks Itunes, now where do I go to download songs? Afterwards, I searched on Google and read that Itunes Services is coming to Singapore in 2007, but the question is, WHEN? August? October or December? Some said it’s only a rumor. Rumor or not, why is Itunes not available in Singapore in the first place? It’s not like we cannot afford it. Why restrict it in the first place, gah.
Since Itunes is hopeless, I sourced for other download services available online.

I started my search on my recently discovered music service, Emusic. It was unsatisfactory as it did not include popular Artists. I tried searching The Cranberries but to my surprise, I didn’t really find any real Cranberries on it. Most artists such as The Carpenters, Backstreet Boys, ABBA did not gave any results as well. What they gave was compilations that wasn’t made by them but by other bands. However, they gave 25 free songs downloads to new subscribers(credit card required) .But, what’s the use if there is isn’t any good songs to download? Ok, so Emusic is out.

Next in line, Hmmm, Napster? Quite popular in the past, but I believe it is still as popular now. I went their website and tried to find the “Subscribe” icon. They are currently having an offer, a 7 Day Trial for free. Sounds attractive huh? It led me to a page seen below.

Oh god, thanks. Only available within U.S? I don’t understand. With technology so advanced nowadays, payment issues should be easy to resolve. PayPal is recognized on online stores all over the world, what’s the difficulty in opening it up to other countries? If payment is not the issue, then what is? Afraid that markets of other countries will dominate theirs? Just my wild guess, but seriously, why restrict it within U.S? I tried other popular music services but most of them gave this reason, “Oh sorry, only for U.S Residents”. Such services are such as URGE, Walmart etc.

Okay, okay, enough of that crap. I’ll go for local services, or do they even exists at all? Thank god they do! We have Starhub’s own Play and after a little bit of searching, I found Soundbuzz . Feeling relieved, I first started a search for my song, on Play, but sadly, doesn’t exists. However, Play does include newer songs such as Beyonce, Gwen Stefani etc. I then tried to search Dreams on Soundbuzz, and YES! I found it. They even have the whole album there, but as I said, there’s only one song that I like from their band, why download the whole album? That’s the purpose of online music download services. Their downside? Firstly, Their website do not support Firefox 2. Secondly, their music downloads are protected by DRM technology. This means : 1. Itunes cannot play them. 2. Unable to transfer to Ipod 3. You can’t send the files to others. 4. Only the computer you have downloaded it to can play it. Which means, if you had downloaded this file on your notebook, you are unable to play it on your desktop computer. However, I have already found a way around it, so, google it if you want to copy it to your Ipod or whatsoever.

Ok, I guess it’s enough for this post, will update more later.