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Life is?

In General - Old Posts on January 31, 2005 at 12:04 pm

Life is?

I had a superbly tired morning,I failed trying to keep awake in hall,this morning I waked up late and reached school at 7.28,wow.First period was maths,It kept me awake,but not for long until it was S.S,Ms Tan was damn boring,finally I slept ;).Nothing much until it was cme,very fun listening to jokes,had a great laugh until I had to grasp for air!After that,went home alone since Jip He didn’t come to school today,went to supermarket buy some tibits,some tibits that David Lee gave me during competitions =P.Got a tuition at 5.30,at first it was boring,and finally my teacher give us some sour sweets to keep us awake,overall it was fun.Came home for dinner and now I gotta go “war-ring”=DD


Life is?

In General - Old Posts on January 29, 2005 at 4:51 pm

Life is?

Today was normal,nuthing much,late entry due to BF1942 take this entry as on 29/01/05.Was home all morning,watched a dvd early afternoon and went out around 4.It was a fun time,went to play LAN with Emilo,the whacky laughter,laughter that could kill you,vicious!!He told me some creepy ghost stuff and I had difficulty coming home alone =(,my greatest fear is those ghost stuffs,can give me heartattack,ended up having sleepless nights.Now I was finding things to download,I don’t wanna stay bored coz this weekend it was homework-free =P.Gotta go,cya!

Life is?

In General - Old Posts on January 28, 2005 at 3:52 pm

Life is?

Finally I was able to insert an entry,my crappy 512k connection went haywire!I couldn’t even log in to msn,let alone insert an entry.Today was lame,I wanted to join band,Mrs seah allowed,David lee allowed,only that Mr Shue didn’t.He gave great reluctance to let me join,lame remarks like “you need 1 year to train up in band”,”you won’t be able to join your friends in band”,”you won’t be able to represent school”.Damn!I want to join band so much and he said all this shit -.-,ah shue,go die!!After school went tuition at 5.30,I went at 5,played snake until teacher come,damn I hate mono-colour phone man,I missed my 7610,damn sobrie!After I came back I went to collect something,it was so damn fun..And now,it is almost 11.52pm,I gonna sleep late tonight,see ya!

Life is Fun?

In General - Old Posts on January 27, 2005 at 11:50 am

Life is?

Today there was a POA was chicken,but the Return Inwards and Return Outwards thingy i was unsure..hope I can pass it.After that was PE and we played a specially edited soccer.With the girls in our team,and in the opposing team,the BOYS can’t takle the girls when the ball is thiers.And my team got 2 freekicks just because I tackled them,as it is natural to tackle other’s ball when they arrive at the goalpost,the score is 3:0,and accidentally kicked a ball onto yan yan’s eyes SORRY MAN!.After school,it is soccer time,3E3 + 3E5 vs 3E2 + 3E4,it was a draw,and I ended up with muscle cramp -.-,I could defend more if I hadn’t have it.Came home with a taxi,with a dumb taxi driver which go straight when I say turn left all the way,somethings wrong with the driver.Came home and got a long hot bath and I got a blue black on my feet,it occured when i takle someone.That’s all,gotta go,now gotta do the damn geography essay

Life is boring…

In General - Old Posts on January 26, 2005 at 10:12 am

Finally I told myself to write a blog(which I used to think is lame),since beginning of 2004,I had several blogs but none lasted for more than a day =(.Now,since so many of my friends have it and I don’t.


Ahhh,my first blog entry,this day was like a normal routined day.Wake up,go school,wait for bus,go home,do homework,play,eat and sleep.Which is exactly like a typical Singaporean student.And that I hate,I wanna change my life,to make myself more active than ever!Join a better,more active and exciting CCA,without much sweating =P.Mr David Lee W.L,a more formal way of calling him,David Lee when informal =P,in charge of Computer Club,which had not even started since school started,which he claimed that he don’t have enough time to start multi-tasking his classes and CCAs.

And now,its time to join Band,I hope I could,as my friend is in it,and another friend Tsu Ren,with his tard english “How is you” etc.,with Benjamin already in it,I guess I won’t have any problems joining in..guess this will be what I gonna write today,cya!

Edit:NOOOOO!!BF2 DELAYED!!Why??!!?