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Orchard road to undergo a S$40 million transformation

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SINGAPORE: Orchard Road, Singapore’s main shopping belt, is set to be transformed under a S$40 million plan.

The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) announced on Monday that works to rejuvenate the area will start in February next year.

Part of the rejuvenation plans is to expand pedestrian walkways and create Urban Green Rooms, which will be used for art exhibitions, mini performances or major events like the Chingay.

The Urban Green Rooms will be constructed at the existing lane along Orchard Road that faces ION Orchard, Wisma Atria and Meritus Mandarin Hotel.

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) has given the plan the green light after accessing traffic conditions on that specific stretch of Orchard Road.

LTA explained that based on pure traffic-lane balancing, the section of Orchard Road before the Scotts Road junction has three lanes moving forward, which is adequate for traffic to smoothly move into a four-lane road segment.

Chandra Sekar, Director of Community Partnership at LTA, said: “The build-up of traffic can be attributed to many reasons. Sometimes it could be due to breakdowns or it could be due to a surge in traffic demand for a certain time period when everyone decides to move down to Orchard Road for a particular purpose. However during normal times, the amount of road space provided can cater to the traffic movement.”

Discussions are still on-going to decide if the lane facing Ngee Ann City will be turned into an Urban Green Room as well.

There will also be more greenery along the 2-kilometre Orchard Road.

The whole stretch of area will be divided into three themes – flower theme in Tanglin Zone, forest theme at the Orchard Zone, and fruit theme at the Somerset Zone.

STB said Orchard Road attracts more than 7 million visitors annually so it is consistently ranked as Singapore’s most-visited, free-access attraction.

Margaret Teo, Assistant CEO (Leisure), STB, said: “Going forward, we will be working more with them on new events given that we have more space, and we’ll be looking at specific activities such as Late Night Shopping to see how we can improve and shape it.”

STB expects the facelift to be completed in April 2009.

– CNA/so



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Rainy Sundays, one of my favourites. The dark evil clouds outside made my room so dark, but it’s afternoon, that’s the nice thing. I did some tidying up since I had the time, It’s Sunday after all, studying would be such a wrong thing to do. My attempt to study yesterday was quite unsuccessful, although I still remember the buyer decision process. Well, the only thing that could foil my study attempts is none other than the infamous Runny Nose syndrome. Hell, it lasted for the whole day, caused extreme headache and fatigue. I even missed my dinner! Well, might be a good thing, at least I escaped like 0.5kg of weight.

Focusing back on today’s activities, our happy time was during the evening. Basically, we went all the way to Jurong for dinner, after dropping my Aunt off at her apartment. Father then brought us to a small village like place, it’s like a mini-paradise. There’s SuperBowl, Macdonald’s, a huge car-park and a huge food-court called “Food More” or something like that. We chose Food More, honestly, that place is HUGE. Though there are only 10 or so stalls. It’s almost as big as SP’s Food Court 6. However, the place has an 80’s feel, you know? The old and filthy table and stuff plus the reflective cladding thingy. Whatever it is, the food there was awesome. I ate Claypot chicken.

It was shopping next. I know it sounds dumb, like shopping in a Supermarket is fun, but it is. I’d rather shop in supermarkets than those shopping centres at Orchard Road. Well, maybe because I can buy anything I want in the supermarket whereas there’s nothing for me in Orchard Road(I have enough shirts, jeans, pants and shoes at home). And yeah, bought many stuff like sardines, tunas, apples etc. My biggest buy of the day? A new Gilllete Fusion! Some might know I already had a Braun shaver at home, but I had to change to a manual one because of a few undisclosed reasons. As usual, Mum bought household items while Joey, chocolate and stuff. This is the only time we can “see what we want and buy what we want“. Dad bought a few carton of milk and orange juice. Paid for the items and home we go!

The only thing to do? Try out the shaver! And the conclusion? It works flawlessly, I didn’t even feel the blades! That’s how good it is!

Talking about Gillette, their marketing strategy is really err, smart. I mean, it’s just a shaver, and the only thing it’s meant to do? To shave mustaches and beards. However, they had marketed it to become something very advanced, cool and of high quality. Their shavers had features like 5 blades to promote smooth shaving, a rear trimmer blade etc. There is even a “Power” version of it, which I don’t really bother as I had already used one like this previously(heavy and useless,caused bleeding). The shaver itself looks so mighty cool. Maybe that is why they are dominating the market, or is it?

Anyway, CA3 is around the corner. It’s going to be a hectic and tiring week starting from tomorrow. So, see ya!

“It’s just you and me, NOTES.”


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My creation, originally uploaded by Singapor3.

A random mosaic of my photos on Flickr

Transformers 2(2009)

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“Megatron is dead, and the Autobots now live on earth in peace. However, in a distant galaxy, Starscream has declared himself the new leader of the Decepticons, which angers those loyal to Megatron, particularly Soundwave. Soundwave, who is able to give life back to fallen robotic organisms, leads his own band of Decepticons to earth to resurrect Megatron. To make matters worse, Starscream has heard of an energy source birthed from the Allspark by Sector 7, and he leads his own band to earth as well to take that source of energy. However, Soundwave cannot complete the resurrection without another energy source known as the Creation Matrix, which just so happens to be in the possession of Optimus Prime. With one band of Decepticons closing in on Optimus Prime and another band of Decepticons looking for the ultimate power, the Autobots, as well as Sam, Mikaela, and the former members of Sector 7, find themselves caught in the middle of a Decepticon civil war that could ravage the planet, and they must fight their way out of it in order to save the human species from extinction. Written by Anonymous

Might be the main storyline for the next Transformers movie..

Developed, but still Booming.

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Oct 25th 2007 | SINGAPORE
From The Economist print edition

Booming, bustling and bursting at the seams

THE strong global economic tide has lifted the boats of most South-East Asian countries, but perhaps the most impressive performer is Singapore. Its national income per head is already higher than Spain’s and New Zealand’s, and five times that of its nearest neighbour, Malaysia. Yet in the year to the third quarter, its economy grew by 9.4%. Singapore is “a developed country that grows at developing-country rates,” as Robert Prior-Wandesforde, an economist at HSBC, puts it. Since the 1997 Asian crisis it has fared markedly better than its rival, Hong Kong (see chart).

The signs of a boom are unmissable. The shopping malls along Orchard Road are bustling. Fancy hotels are full of wealthy tourists despite cranking up their room rates. Marina Bay, by the financial district, is a forest of cranes as a $3.6 billion casino resort goes up. The Singapore Flyer, a giant Ferris wheel, looks down on the vast expanse of building site. Office rents have risen by 50% in the past year, while the price of homes is up by 28%.

Any downturn in America, which buys a fair chunk of Singapore’s exports, is bound to have an effect. But, reckons Mr Prior-Wandesforde, a slackening of foreign demand might be just what Singapore needs to avoid the only danger to its sizzling economy: overheating. Inflation hit a 12-year high of 2.9% in the year to August, though it fell to 2.7% in September.

Singapore has sustained its growth through unusually clean and efficient government, and by having one of the world’s best education systems. While Hong Kong has shifted most of its factories to its southern China hinterland, in Singapore manufacturing still accounts for around 25% of GDP. However, anticipating the competitive threat from China, it has moved up the value chain, away from low-end electronics, and found lucrative new niches. Its marine-engineering and biomedical firms are growing at around 40% annually. Its finance industry has cornered the regional market in private banking for the wealthy.

Singapore’s boom has already sucked in millions of immigrants: new figures show that, as in London, almost one-third of residents were born in other countries. To keep the economy growing and reduce pressure for wage rises, the government is keen to admit more foreigners: its development plans assume the population will grow from 4.7m now to 6.5m in 40-50 years’ time, mostly by immigration. Many of the new immigrants come from India and China. They are wowed by Singapore’s order and prosperity, notes Sinapan Samydorai of the Think Centre, a think-tank. They also tend to be conservative-minded and thus are likely to embrace Singapore’s unique mixture of free-market economics and strait-laced politics.

There have been worries that lower-paid Singaporeans are missing out on the boom. Indeed, until recently, consumer spending was lacklustre. But it has gathered pace in the past few months and, with employment and wages each growing at around 9% annually, there is plenty of domestic spending power to help the economy survive any export downturn.

Adval Brand Group Future wheel of fortune

Though its Gini coefficient, a measure of income disparity, suggests Singapore is a rather unequal place, there are few visible signs of poverty. Most Singaporeans live in massive, publicly built housing projects that are freshly painted and surrounded by neat, litter-free gardens. No graffiti or menacing youngsters here. Most residents have bought their apartments and are seeing their value soar.

Singapore still has plenty of green space it could build on. But the plan, says Lim Eng Hwee, a senior planning official, is to keep this and find other ways to accommodate the growth in population and new businesses. One is to continue reclaiming land from the sea. Since independence Singapore’s land area has grown from under 600 square kilometres (230 square miles) to around 700. Mr Lim says it could be increased to about 760 sq km by closing gaps between Singapore’s main island and lesser ones. But this might prompt more envious grumbles from Malaysia and from Indonesia, another close neighbour, which has become reluctant to sell Singapore sand for its reclamation projects. Like Malaysia, Indonesia feigns environmental concerns about them.

If the scope for extending sideways is limited, one solution is to stretch upwards—ever taller skyscrapers are being built, with financial incentives to encourage owners of low-rise apartments to make way for them. But also downwards: Singapore’s big oil-storage business, which takes up much land, is being shifted to underground caverns. Roads, which use up 12% of Singapore’s land area, will increasingly be put below ground too. Then perhaps concert halls, sports stadiums—who knows? Such schemes are hugely costly but Singapore has massive financial reserves for its size. In creating enough space to continue its breakneck expansion, money will be no object.

Source: The Economist 


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Alright, I am not going to participate on anything else other than my academic issues.

Nothing else, not even photography or gaming will try to distract me from my studies.

For now, I’m going to shelve photography even, until my next holiday starts.

I guess that’s it for now, cya!


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There is now a new breed of Humans, The Humaleons(Humans + Chameleon) . And I don’t know how they evolved to this state.

It is amazing watching how people can adapt to different situations and change their thinking so quickly. Some are those who does silly stuff and in the end loses other’s respect and on the other hand, increase their notorious image. This then led to the development of a long-term plan to gain back respect and lose his/her spoilt image. Sometimes, people like this can be very irritating. Especially during times when they start to suck up to other people and increase their amount spent with people that actually loathe or dislike him. Of course, people will try to stay away from him/her and try not to communicate with him, but the dilemma is that to reject or say no is the hardest thing to do. There is no best answer, even “Anything” doesn’t work, he/she will assume it is a Yes. What’s next, another period of un-joyful period of project/outing/celebration.

The next big difficulty is to assign jobs to him/her. As an outsider that suddenly invade your own private group of friends/family, you will have no confident or interest to assign jobs to this one particular person. However, the requirement is to have every single member to do something. Not to mention that every member in a group has the same marks and grade, hence, contributing to the overall problem we already faced, mentioned earlier.

To sum up the first point:

We have to deal with:

  • unnecessary and irritating disturbance
  • decisions that are hard to make
  • difficulty in assigning jobs

That sort of concludes first part, Adapting to the current situation.  Next in line, behavior and own thinking. I’ll post it tomorrow.

Singapore gays unfazed by sex ban

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Agence France-Presse
Last updated 09:02pm (Mla time) 10/24/2007
SINGAPORE — Singapore’s gay community vowed Wednesday to press on with a public education campaign after parliament rejected their petition to repeal a law making sex between men a crime.

“There is no turning back,” said the organizers of a campaign that failed in its bid to repeal the law.

They said they were disappointed that parliament rejected their petition to abolish section 377A of the Penal Code.

“We come away from this experience with great optimism that this is but the start of a process of public education, understanding, acceptance and respect for the gay community,” they said in a statement.

The city-state’s parliament on Tuesday approved the first major penal code amendments in 22 years, including legalization of oral and anal sex for heterosexuals.

But legislators retained a section that criminalizes sex between men, ditching a rare petition brought before the legislature to abolish the law, which petitioners say violates constitutional provisions for equal treatment.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, explaining his government’s position, said Singapore remains a conservative society and gays will not be allowed to set the tone.

Lee said abolishing the law could “send the wrong signal” and push gay activists to ask for more concessions, such as same-sex marriage.

He said, however, that homosexuals will be given space to live their own lives as long as they do not actively advocate their lifestyle.

The tone of society, “remains straight and we want it to remain so,” Lee said.

Campaigners were unfazed.

“The gay community in Singapore is here to stay. We are not going away,” their statement said.

“It’s not just a gay thing. It’s about equality.”

Proponents of a repeal and those who wanted the law retained organized rival online petitions to support their causes.

Two days of heated debate in parliament touched on moral values and the need to maintain the family as the basic building block of society.

“I think the vast majority of Singaporeans want it this way. So does the government,” Lee said Tuesday.

Source: NewsInfo

GT Championship heads for S’pore?

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First F1, now Republic could host one leg of motorsport’s endurance series

Tan Yo-Hinn

TODAY Exclusive
SINGAPORE will host its first Formula 1 race on Sept 28, 2008.
And if all goes according to plan, the Republic will host one leg of the FIA’s Grand Touring 1 (GT1) Championship in 2009.
GT1 category cars, like the Aston Martin DBR9, Maserati MC 12 and Lamborghini Murciélago, have an average brake horsepower of 630bhp. Each race lasts about two hours, ranging from 58 laps to 95 laps, depending on venue and conditions.
C2 Associates, a Singapore-based motorsports marketing and development company, have secured exclusive rights with SRO Motorsports Group to bring the event to Singapore.

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Repeal 377A?

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That would be one of the worst thing to ever happen to us, if it is repealed. I might not be THAT good at words compared to those people speaking up for the gays in other blogs or forum, but I gotta say that the whole repeal377A crap is indeed, CRAP.

Firstly, support the gays? Allow them to have sex? Wouldn’t that be discriminating? Yes, how they LIVE their life is none of our business, but HOW others look at these gay Singaporeans , I believe we do have a say on that. To have gays live amongst us is bad enough, and to admit that we are okay with them is very insulting. Not that I’m prejudiced against them or whatsoever, it’s just isn’t mother nature, boys and boys don’t fit.

And we have to allow these laws to repealed just because over 8000 people signed a petition to repeal the law? Come on, there are millions of us in Singapore, and 8000 signatures is not even 1% of our total population. Oh yes, you might say that 8000 signatures is a big feat for an online petition, so? I guess they just want to know I don’t think that is enough to repeal the law just because of a few thousands of supporters. Perhaps someone should create a poll with two options, Repeal 377A or Enforce it. We will then know the real results of this whole Repeal 377A debate.

Adding on, the ultra-irritating video on Youtube about the Begging people to sign the petition? I don’t know what happened to all these actors and actresses. Maybe it’s just a small campaign, just like all those Charity stuff we see on tv, maybe..

So in a conclusion, so no to gays.