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Sunday, what a great day ain’t it? Anyway, blogged…

In General - Old Posts on January 21, 2007 at 3:17 pm

Sunday, what a great day ain’t it? Anyway, blogged today just to let you guys know that I might have a new blog with an address of and a new email which I have already created. I will add the people that I will want to remain contact with. Anyway that’s all and have a good night!


Sunday, one of the most important days of a week, …

In General - Old Posts on January 21, 2007 at 2:16 pm

Sunday, one of the most important days of a week, because it’s Family Day! On Sunday, there will be no breakfast for us but lunch instead. This is so as my father will go jogging early in the morning and then he would buy food for us back at around 1pm. Every time he brought food back, it’s not just normal food, it’s good food filled with love. Today was Roasted Pork, Fried Pork and another thingy that I forgot, but it tastes the best among the 3. After that mum and sis went shopping at the newly refurbished Centre Point at Orchard Road while I stay home with my computer till around 4. After that, Dad picked me up and met up with sis and mum. We went shopping, not for clothes but something else, we shopped for Lights! We went to Da Vinchi, a great place especially for home lighting. Took lots of pictures there.

That’s all for today. Cya!

Both badminton and swimming are my new lifestyles,…

In General - Old Posts on January 19, 2007 at 8:50 am

Both badminton and swimming are my new lifestyles, for now that is. I know this is not much but since there so few free people to exercise with, more vigorous sport like soccer that I’d love are out. So, anyone out there who are free and want some exercising can join Marcus and Lionel for badminton and swimming every week, just tell me at message board at the side.

Ok, time to summarize yesterday’s badminton session. I smsed my sister in the morning to book a badminton court at Bishan Sports Complex at 1pm. I was a little lazy at first but for the sake of my health, I went for it. I called Lionel to confirm the time and Marcus sms-ed me as well, as usual, to confirm the time. At that time, I was addicted to Armadillo Run, a great game to show your creativity by building stuff using different materials to get the armadillo to its intended location. Until 12.50 when I realized its so late already, I changed, took my wallet and handphone and rush to street 23 and flagged a quick cab to Bishan Sports Complex. Simple.

As always, I was greeted by a person armed with his PDA Camera waiting for its prey to appear, Marcus. He was surprisingly early , well, this makes up for the time I used to wait for him in the past. A short chat and we went in to the badminton court to play a few rounds. The first few rounds wasn’t very tiring or difficult, Marcus was owned a few times thanks to my sister’s racket. After 5 or 10mins or so, Lionel arrived and an aroma of defeat surrounded Marcus. He was worried, I feel it. There he go, Lionel served for the first game, we defended well for a while then he smacked the ball so hard that both of us missed it, it went out. Sigh of relief, and vice versa . We went out all the way except for a few exceptions. But it was great exercise, stretch our hands so far and hard but we still missed, this shows how much more practice we need. 30 minutes into the game Marcus was too exhausted to continue, so he took a rest and I go on a 1v1 with Lionel. I missed, I shot the ball out and It was Lionel turn, he missed and shot the ball out of the court. As tired as Marcus was, I took a rest and wanted to “try” out my n93, just like Marcus did always. Caught a shot of Marcus serving.

Goes on and on until two girls came. Marcus got excited and wanted to invite them for a game, but sadly, we were too tired to continue. We packed, changed and went all the way(YES! All the way from the sports complex to J8!!) to j8 for lunch, Yoshinoya! Nothing much, we ate, took a bus and Lionel went home while Marcus came to my house. Marcus intended to play The Sims 2 at my house but unfortunately, my brother’s tuition was about to come so we stayed still in the hall to watch tv. We watched Twilight Zone, an old horror series that I’ve watched dozen of times but still, it’s great. Marcus got bored and started playing his PDA, Not just some normal PDA, but a Dopod 838Pro sia. For some unknown reasons, he started to point the camera at me but luckily due to fast reflexes I dodged his shots and retaliated. I won’t post them in case Marcus got angry, scary! He went home quite early and I watched Mrs Doubtfire, great movie indeed. After that it was Routine again,that’s all. Bye!

– Gyver

K blog

In General - Old Posts on January 12, 2007 at 1:16 pm

Hi everyone, HAPPY 2007! Yes I know, it’s kinda late for this, but at least I did a belated one! Anyway, LOTS of stuff had happened, both good and bad but more on the good side.

I’ll elaborate more on the good side, most importantly, I’ve got a new phone! It’s the much over-hyped N…..93!!! This phone was declared married into my family on 3/12/06. Till now, it had kept me satisfied but whether this phone will keep me satisfied in the future still remains to be seen.

2007, the year which my life will change dramatically…serious, d r a m a t i c a l l y. Firstly, a new lifestyle. The number of days being at home playing computer will be reduced significantly, I’ll be out trying to LOSE weight(yes, my weight did increase significantly as well -_-), practicing SHOPPING and reduce usage of those big t-shirts.

Well anyway, heard that O level results will be released, on Feb 08, wtf? Ain’t that too early? I guess all of us have to brace ourself and be mentally prepared for the BIG DAY. That’s all for today, will be more active in blogging, really. Cya!