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Life is?

In General - Old Posts on April 27, 2006 at 1:17 pm

Life is?

Geography,not that hard,not that easy,but map-reading is owned.3 lines of answers,definitely won’t get me far.The structured and essay questions are not that hard,but that 12 marks question!The answer for a 8 mark question is a lot longer than the one with 12 marks!Scary!

After exams today,we went to J8 to relax a little.It was a literally big group,consisted of lionel,yihao,christie,waizhan,daren,poh soo and me.We went to lunch at foodcourt,and god,the chicken rice WAS BLOODY GREAT!!That’s because it’s just my favourite chicken cutlet cut into smaller pieces,and with rice!GG..After that,we went all the way down to buy that taiwanese chicken?But I just got a prawn stick and I wanted to get a pen.We went all the way up again,lol..and then,we got stuck at the video store.We stood there for an hour and so,watching I not Stupid 2,we thought we were cheap-skate :P.

Anyways,after that,I got my pen,went to the interchange and bidded goodbye.We took the green 410 which was indeed,a longer route to prime.Daren left a while after the ride,after that,only me,yihao,lionel and poh soo was left on the bus.A 20 mins ride was indeed fun,as we talk about crap and laughed about it,fun it was.However,fun don’t last,the ride ended and poh soo went off without a word of goodbye.Sometimes I have mixed feeling of poh soo,I have to say this even I know he will be reading this anyways.He LOVE to exaggerate stuff,and have an especially big ego,even without much respect.I know he is loyal to friends,but his comments really piss people off real bad,honestly,I thought he’s a good chap a year ago,but time really changes my opinion of him real fast.As known to everyone,he wants to be a “rocker”,at the state he is now,I’m afraid that it won’t be very soon.Ok,enough of dumb opinions of others.

After that “rocker” left,I,lionel and yi hao proceeded to my house to “study”..sounds skeptical eh?LOL!Indeed,Yi Hao want to come my house just because of the PSP!!And lionel?He just came to my house,find my chemistry textbook,read it for a few seconds with questions.That’s studying!If that is really studying,Singapore will be blessed with 100% of students getting A1 for O levels!!Gahah,however,we had great fun during this 2 to 3 hours.We listen to songs,watched videos and chatted with SARI!Firstly it was text-based,but when it comes to voice-activated speech,the fun grows,we chatted with SARI on voice over the internet for the FIRST TIME!Gahha.However,she refuses to tell us her problems =(.Dunno why she recently so sad,although she is SMILING all the time,maybe deep in her heart,something really makes her so bloody sad =(.ANyways,GG day,got to go,cya



Life is?

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Life is?


You are really getting too much, firstly, pissing me off by flirting with her, second, getting her number , thirdly, getting her msn.What next?Her address?Inviting her to dinner?Darn you, obviously you are really trying your best to piss me off.If you had read this, I don’t have to try so hard to avoid your act-cute face and being a victim to your acting.


Life is?

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Life is?



Or It’s just me..

She’s just 2 or 3 seat beside me,a “friend of mine” got to sit beside me instead,seperating me from her.Maybe it’s just concidental,but from the looks of it,he did it on purpose.Why must people piss me off the same way,ALWAYS.You like her?Or you are just trying to kill me.Don’t pretend to flatter me whenever I talk to her,bloody hypocrite.I shall not continue further,makes my blood boil.Sigh,can hardly find a day free of trouble,stress and anguish.

First out of class,now,it’s IN my class.God’s trying to kill me?


Life is?

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Owned,failure in first attempt.I’m breaking down,soon,I’ll will break down,very soon.Tired is all I can say.

O w n e d . . .

Life is?

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I was wondering why my my day always suck in the morning but turned out so good in the afternoon,but for a limited duration.Today,the first time I sms her,was over the moon,not one but lots of moon..But,I kept thinking of “what ifs”,that made the hype go away.Will a girl get irritated if I sms her too much?Or if I ask her too many questions.I’m always afriad I would offend her,but is it just my thinking?HELP!!


The secret is out,fromt he above chain.Obviously l…

In General - Old Posts on April 1, 2006 at 3:25 pm

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The secret is out,fromt he above chain.Obviously lionel is a broadcaster -_-,but nvm lah,at least he gave me a little help..But the secret can never be known to poh soo,that bloody satellite,he’ll tell others the tales like it’s his problem.

Yesterday,SPORTSDAY.I don’t know if it’s a good or bad day,maybe a mix of both.The good thing is that,i got her number!yayyyyyyyyy..Including more info and stuff.But,MY COURAGE OWNED ME ONCE MORE!!I was too bloody shy until I kept my mouth shut when she’s just infront of me.The feeling,is..killing me.Serve myself right that I don’t get to say good bye to her.Until now,I’m still thinking if I should sms her,but the phobia of her being irritated -_–,will she?I shall ask her.

I need courage,lots of them.