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Life is?

In General - Old Posts on June 6, 2005 at 4:25 pm

Life is?

Errr,I forgot to blog on what happen on saturday =0

The day before saturday,while chatting with siew huay,when we talked about…errr,food =P.We decided to go lunch after her,err,lame student leader training.Yes,on saturday i woke up at around 10,wash-up.Slept on my computer table for another 10 minutes.After that,i checked email.As usual,dumb gamespot junks,and some codemaster newsletter things,but no matter how I set them as junk mail…it still found the way to my inbox…wierd.After that,went forums liao,go surf net until 11.30+,siew huay call and said her training finish liao.I was wondering,huh?So early…I called wai zhan to come my house,then I go bathe.I bathed finish after 15mins,i called wai zhan liao..He still at home..i think,gheyy,he always late -_-.Then i tell siew huay slowly walk,coz i will be late for sure,as I asked wai zhan come my house then we take off together.In the end,I go my own,he took so long..I took bus to mrt station,meet siew huay and her senior..Forgot name liao,talk talk talk,wait wait wait until wai zhan comes after 15 mins.Then we go delifrance and eat,omg..saw david lee haahha!!We all laughed like mad..we ordered delipotato,i and wai zhan take egg toppings siew huay take tuna,then when she eating she say no the end,she felt so full and she say ichiban -_-..ahahah,after that we wak tro and fro the mrt and bus interchange..We decide where to go,decide for 15 mins liao,decided to go escape ahaha,siew huay wanna draw money,but no money in sad =(..Then she decided to go home and take money,we follow her all the way to serrangoon lorrr.We reach there liao,then we wait below her block for 5-10 mins,she come down liao.Take off!She walk to the car park,like business women lol!Then i ask her where her car,she say that isuzu lorry ahaah omg funniness.We take bus to mrt interchange,then later siew huay say want to ask more ppl to go or not,i say ask tanglin but she say she sure cannot.But wai zhan also dont want,later she ask him free or not again.Then she say wanna call that dunno what mun qi girl,i say dont want lah,i dont know her.Wai zhan want,haha..In the end,onlt we three only.We take around 45 mins to reach Pasir Ris,omg so long..Reach there liao we straight away go buy tickets,long queue sia..But lucky siew huay got that posbank card,30% discount.We pass the card around,in the end we all pay lesser =).We went in liao,then we took that 360 degrees ride,at first siew huay no space to sit AHAHAH,then later she found one.Start liao,i and wai zhan sit together..It was freaking scary omg..but quite fun too anyways.Right after that,we took that pirate ship(which i used to call dragon ship -_-).Me and wai zhan’s favourite ride,when we took it,siew huay so freakin scared,her face is like going to burst into tears,she hold the railing until so tight,i scared she cry 0_0.BUt!Me and wai zhan,scream like mad sia..omg,so loud until the girls and boys infront look back ahahah!

After that,i think we took that panasonic roller coaster,that one is too insane.I sat alone behind and the sharp turns was so scary,i scared we fly off or something.I hold the railing as hard as I could..Lower my head as low as I could.Finally,it came to a lame end..I almost bang my head -_-.Err,I will continue the story next time..My hand is very tired now omg…cya!Bye nities..=)