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Life is?

In General - Old Posts on March 28, 2006 at 10:05 am

Life is?

The day bastards and bitches show their true self,a teacher and a retarded group of boys.Firstly,MDM CHIA WEE SZE,a grown-up bitch indeed -_-.She’s so wierd,why give us stress by stacking up our tests?She herself forgot about the test today,and postponed it tomorrow,STACKING IT UP WITH TWO OTHER TESTS OMG?I stayed up so late last night to study chemisty for what?If it’s not for the test then what is it for?By postponing the test,giving us more stress than ever is like saying “FREE STRESS UP FOR GRAB!!ALL OF YOU ARE OWNED!”,she even blamed it on us,when it’s her old worthless piece of brainshit that acts up on her.I’ve always thought she have already change from her shitty attitude last year,but indeed,she had become bad to worse,how the hell you expect us to respect you as a teacher,a full grown adult.Never.

Enough of teachers,it’s now about a bunch of losers,serious.They’re contiguous,they entertain themself at the expense of the feelings of others,one of a kind of retards I’ve ever seen.*hint..joachi…cough..magesss..cough.cough*.They’re good in studies,no doubt,they’re good in soccer,no doubt as well.But here comes the bad part,they got too proud of themselves,yess..not once,i repeat,not once all of them can move around without a miserable attempt to look cool,but instead,they looked like a bunch of zombies not looking less weird than michael jackson.Oh my god,give me the strength to resist the temptation to whack them,control i must!!!I don’t want to break the peace our class had for the last 13-14 months,it’s a great class but it’s not perfect,non of the classes are perfect,each has their own retards and asses,just a little bit more for our class.Sigh..please spear me the stress,stress in school and stress at home,GG.

But,something drove all my troubles away…



Life is?

In General - Old Posts on March 23, 2006 at 9:48 am

Life is?

Unbearable regrets..

A day that might be the worst day of my life,sad,stupid and unexpectable.

She was there,standing innocently at the bustop and my courage cheated on me.Guess what?I actually pretend not knowing her existence,walked pass her slooooowly.I want to knock myself onto the wall,and say “DAMN you courage,where the hell are you when i needed you most?!”.How I wished I’ve got some courage,how I wished she’s there tomorrow,how i wished i have another opportunity like this again,how I wished I did’nt waste the chance that is just there,in front of me.


She’s beyond words,but I’m not doing my best.