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In Daily Life on July 27, 2007 at 11:09 pm

Big problems are surfacing and I will have to solve them, so I won’t be blogging for a few days.



PicPosts Updated

In General News on July 24, 2007 at 12:49 am

PicPost Updated at 12.40, 24 July 2007.

Check it out!

A day of ups and downs

In Daily Life on July 23, 2007 at 10:56 pm

We started out having lunch at a Japanese restaurant at Suntec, a buffet restaurant. Though very expensive, it was filling, very filling. Well, that’s the case for me, I just ate five pieces of Teriyaki Chicken, three Prawns, one Egg sushi and a few other type of sushi which was I don’t really know. The food taste superb, even the drinks! The drinks there were free flow, coke with float, root beer, you name it.

My sis, Marcus and Mabel just can’t get enough of it. They intend to stay for another few hours, which is a bit too long for me since I am already too full. Fortunately they didn’t, we then met Joey as he had tuition and was unable to meet us earlier.

We went on to Sim Lim Square to check if the Tripod Chia Qing gave me does have spare parts available. Sadly, it was too old, no luck. We then went to Cathay photos to find a the spare part, but sadly, out of stock as well. So we bought a new head instead.

Manfrotto, pretty cool indeed.


We then proceeded to Marina Square, booked a seat at the food court, and snap away!

Check out the pictures on picpost, will be uploaded at 12 or later!

Cya!(sorry for not elaborating much, pretty tired now)

In Daily Life on July 22, 2007 at 11:24 pm


BMW 7 Series

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In Daily Life on July 22, 2007 at 11:20 am

Imagine you’re taking a day off at the beach, with friends and families doing the same, enjoying the wind, the scenery and the relaxing mood. However, you came to the beach with a different intention, which is to take photographs of the nearby skyline is visible to only your camera as you had a good zoom lens. As an enthusiast, you took many shots, differing by angle, white balance and quality. This would take a long process but you’re enjoying it. Some other friends then came to you to accompany you, suddenly, Friend A was a bit thirsty but was quite lazy as well, so he requested Friend B to buy some drinks for him, he couldn’t say no. Friend A then asked you what to drink, and then told Friend B, he agreed, but he was also quite lazy at that time, he then said “Give me 5 minutes”. As you are snapping photos away, friend B was quite curious on how to use your camera, he then asked you for your permission to take some photos. You said “Later”, that’s all. That’s enough to cause Friend B to show his attitude. After 5 minutes, Friend A’s thirst was unbearable, so he then again, asked Friend B to buy some drinks now. Friend B then said ” Ask Him[you] go and buy lah, Photographer mah”, in an angry tone. Friend A persisted, Friend B then agreed. Friend A then reminded Friend B the drinks to buy, Friend B actually said ” Don’t want lah, tell him[you] buy himself”.

A disgusting showcase of their bad attitude. But WHY do people actually do it?

This happens to most teenagers(below 16 range,which I hate and I will elaborate next time). Some are influenced by their bad friends while some just want to show they are strong. They show their attitude whenever something doesn’t go the way they want. They see red when someone stares that them(which I considers moronic), someone scolds them for their own good or request them to change their habits. Though there are many unknown factors that might spark their anger, I presume they are minor ones. To show their attitude, they’ll scold hokkien vulgarity( which is common to teenagers nowadays) like CB, d*lan, nab*i. What my point is, WHO CARES? Who the hell cares about the attitude you are showing? Nobody is going to suck all the clouds dry in the sky just because you hate rain and nobody will kill the person you hate. This just shows that these people are showing their attitude to tell others that they are superior to the rest just because they have a voice, a small voice. They have puny thinking, and going to a fight or argument is their only solution.

And what will bystanders think?

Complete Morons.

Well to those who loves to show attitude or whatsoever, just bear this in mind:

No one freaking cares, at all.


In Daily Life on July 20, 2007 at 11:59 pm

After a routine disturbance of beauty sleep by my maid, my head was in a state of despair.

My nose was chocked with Mu*us, demolitions were going on in my brain and there was a severe lack of energy. I knew going school wasn’t ideal.

Eventually I remained at home.

The good thing was:

  • No two-hour commute
  • No Sharnili
  • No Motherly Love(Economics)
  • No UNCLE LAI(Itab)

So I continued sleeping until 10, and was greeted with a Big Breakfast, thanks to Dad.

After breakfast, I realized I don’t really have an MC, which will make my attendance 0. I decided to visit a clinic but my family clinic is so far away in Bishan. My father was working and my sister studying, and what can I do? Maybe a letter would do.

I continued my much needed-sleep till 11 or 12, chatted a while, some photography then my flu started again, so I went back to sleep. Yes I know, such a boring post as it’s all ROUTINE. I can’t believe I slept for another 3-4 hours more, a serious waste of time. But fortunately, I got much, much better, although the danger of flu is still imminent. Opening my laptop screen and I found a few flashing boxes at the taskbar. One was Lionel reminding me about the tickets, one by one of my ex-clan mate while one huge conversation of my class. It was Eunice saying hi to the class from Australia, sadly, I don’t have the chance to say anything, so a big Hi to her if she did actually read my blog. Then there was one nice classmate wishing me get well soon, thanks for that. Back to Lionel, we had an appointment at Orchard Cineleisure. Will elaborate on the next update.

Time to get serious, the fun way.

In Daily Life on July 19, 2007 at 11:59 pm

OK, this is going to one of a hell of a long update, so I’ll update it in three different parts, here goes:

It was surprisingly a fun day, as Thursdays are usually boring, the day always started with Sharnili(or Sharlini I’m not really sure but heck it) teaching POA at a very, very slow pace. That gave our day a slow start, which wasn’t what we are expecting. Kenneth and Adam came late, almost 30 minutes late, Rebecca was sick , so Amber was like sitting there alone when I came in. The situation was pathetic at that moment, three empty seats but the lecture went on nevertheless. I was exhausted after running all the way up the hill, as always. 30 minutes later, the other two arrived and then we started chatting like hell, and no, Sharmili didn’t give a “Please keep your volume down” thingy.

Our hysterical laughter didn’t manage to dent Sharnili’s teaching spirit, so we went on and on, time really flies when we concentrated on something rather than concentrating on Sharnili. The instant the lecture ends, we flew off like flocks of birds. We then decided on paying a sick friend of ours a visit.

Our visit got a little bit more serious then we expected, our spirit was high, as there was a scheduled POA test afterwards, our instant-made study group then had only one goal, to score well for POA. It’s not only high, it’s very high. We shared tactics, strategize and explored new ways of dealing with the matter, it’s MOB coming to life. Low machiavellianism, Team Mangement (9,9) management styles, cross-functional team, you name it! It was a great experience as everyone was serious at work. Unfortunately, I had flu, which was my BANE of the day. My mood then slumped downwards, productivity was at 50% and my mood was crappy. Never-the-less, great experience. This study group will stay.

I won’t mention P.O.A anymore.(If anyone had said not to mention about anything, which means it’s something dissapointing, sooo, yeah, same situation)

Adam, Kenneth and I then went home by Taxi, we were forced to. Bus 74 was full like hell, it was like those trains filled with Indians you see in TV or movies, yes, not to exaggerate but the situation was that bad. Two or three buses hit with this situation passed us by, we walked to the main bus-stop and it was ALMOST the same situation but this time, it’s like Uncles and Aunties waiting to rush in a newly opened One Dollar Home Furniture Store. Hundreds of them, yes.

So we’re only left with an option, Taxi. Thank god the taxi driver agreed to let us in although he was changing shift.

My day ended sleeping damn early due to headache and heavy flu.

Written on 21 July 2007


In Daily Life on July 19, 2007 at 12:53 am

The term “Multitasker” is used to describe a person who does a number of things simultaneously, all within a limited period of time.

This term not only applies to me but to my whole class, or even to all the students that are in the same course as us. We might be experiencing one of the most stressful period we will ever encounter in Polytechnic life.

Well for me, ongoing events are as follows:

  1. POA Test – Tomorrow
  2. Economics Test – Next Monday
  3. MOB Test – Next two weeks
  4. IDEAS PBL – As soon as possible, Presentation scheduled on next Wednesday
  5. MOB PBL – Deadline on Friday, almost completed
  6. Basic Theory test – Next two weeks

According to the level of importance, I feel I should concentrate more on economics first, screwing Economics up is a very bad sign since it’s the fundamentals of Business. If the rest of the class could score so well, there is no reason why I couldn’t. Let’s do it, not that hard since I have a study group present already.

I shall create a new timetable for myself after the POA test tomorrow. Time management is the first step of self-control , without it, there will be no study, no progress, only declination will occur.

Time management, time management, time manage….

YouTube Page Added

In General News on July 18, 2007 at 11:50 pm

I’ve added a new Youtube page, check it out.

I will update it as I spot new ones.



In decepticons, movie, Reviews, robots, transformers on July 18, 2007 at 4:58 pm

Arguably the best movie I’ve ever watched, serious.

The Transformers was so great that I actually err, watched it TWICE.The movie is generally about two races of Alien Robots waging war on each other.They came to earth in search of AllSpark, an energy source for their home planet, Cybertron. The alien robots are divided into two races, the Autobots and the Decepticons. The AutoBots being peace-loving in nature, wanted to destroy the AllSpark so as not to allow the Decepticons to have a hand of it, where the Decepticons would then be able to use the energy in the AllSpark to convert all humans on earth into a huge army. The movie started with Sam Witwicky buying an old Camaro which was disguised as an alien robot, which was known as Bumble Bee.

The movie consists of many exciting and tight moments. One of my favourite parts of the movie was the attack on a US military base in Qatar. Blackout(MH-23) landed on the base, with hundreds of soldiers pointing their gun at it, requesting the pilot to disembark. The MH-23 then had its rotor blades elevated, folded up into one. The cockpit splits into half while its the rest of the main main body opened up, arms and legs appeared. While the soldiers opened fire, the bullets were repelled by its bullet-proof body. The head was then finally revealled. It fired its main weapons, killing anything on its way. It then caused a sonic-boom like explosion around itself. Tanks were flying everywhere. It was an exciting scene, the effects were superb, looking very crisp and clear, the robots looks ultra-realistic. Watching the movie itself makes me feel like I am actually in the war zone.

Unfortunately, time passes very quickly, the movie ended. At that moment, I told myself I had to watch this movie again, no matter the costs! I will definitely buy the DVD, or even the Bluray version of it after getting a PS3.

Crap, blogging about it makes me want to watch it another time, should I?