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In blog on December 28, 2008 at 2:45 pm

Randomness once again, here’s a random rant.


dscn3537-1The batteries my mum bought made me think of many things, random things. Maybe I have too much time after being busy for a few days that kept these thoughts coming.

  • 4 batteries for $2.65, Very cheap isn’t it?
  • But wait. It’s like 4 batteries with 2 free ones, incredible.
  • But wait, why don’t they just say it’s 6 for $2.65 but 4 for $2.65 plus 2 free.
  • Oh my god, marketing teams nowadays are so……..

Sorry, that is too random. I promise I will update soon about the vietnam trip, christmas post and stuff, yes. Good bye and happy school-starting day tomorrow! Can’t wait to see friends in school tomorrow!!!



In blog on December 16, 2008 at 10:03 am

‘Sup people!

Okay you know, I usually don’t type like this, but because of the group of people I’m going with, I gotta keep up and be hip man like \m/ dope shit yall..

It’s the holidays, and of course, holidays are meant for a real holiday and so.. 




Alright Jerry is begging me to let him blog so I better do so. 

Oh and by the way, I am not Gyver! I am Sherlim lah! Okay bye Jerry is staring at me liao PLEASE DON’T KILL ME DADDYYYYYYYYYYYYY\m/


Hi this is Jerry. I am at this retarded blog. I think im retarded. But i hope im intelligently retarded, maybe im not so retarded, but once im here in this blog, im simply retarded. Well, because Gyver is supremely retarded. This kind of thing rubs off on you. We are going Vietnam. Hoo Chin Meng. I am excited. Happy. Glad. Im going to find vietnamese girlfriend. Vietnam here i cummmmmm!

Gyver is here too, damn jerry for saying my retarded blog. OMFG I AM SO EXCITED….. WE ARE GOING TO ANGELA’S HOMELAND!!!!!!!! 

Angela is here, she say she is interested to see her nephew flash….. LOL!!!!
BYE EVERYONE.. Angela is here act-cuting… Should i post her act-cute picture?

Her voice.

In blog on December 14, 2008 at 7:11 pm

Is like super nice, I don’t know why. Same old song made nice, I am First Love-crazy.

Should i subscribe to her videos, hahaah.

Junyu want me to compliment her idol. Ok, cullen is not as bad as a faggot that I had mentioned earlier. But he is still 50% faggot. This is something good about him :).

p.s. junyu say he is not faggot but handsome…arg..I kena forced to say this…


In blog on December 14, 2008 at 1:58 am

My hands just feel itchy to post something. I’m going to post a video, not about some cullen faggot, not about what twilight thingy, it’s a super nice song. LAST CHRISTMAS!

I think this song gives me super nice memories, the time when I’m in Hong Kong. I was sitting with marcus in the bus or something then we shared the walkman or something. Though that time I don’t know wtf that song means, it still mean something. The super fun time in Hong Kong as a kid.

Now as I understand it more, it makes more sense to love that song. But I didn’t give my heart to someone else last Christmas eh?

Impromptu Love

In blog on December 13, 2008 at 4:15 am

Started the day damn early at 8am in FC6. I had to wake up at like…..6? I thought it is going to be the worst day of the week but hell no it isn’t. Project was quite fun with Ming-Ge, Jolene and the rest.

Soon after that bekka came and we talked crapped and stuff, we talked about handphones.

Then we came to the topic about iPhone, rebecca said I should get one but I thought it is quite dumb to get an iPhone since I already have an iPod Touch and a phone. But come to think about it, there is a very simple solution. The Equation is:




iPod touch



Which means phone + iPod = iPhone, then it is logical to get an iPhone to replace both of them, simple.

But where’s the money?! Maybe I should sell both to raise money.

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Randomness 3

In blog on December 11, 2008 at 1:52 am

My main laptop is down now. How sad is that, stupid snoopy did it.

Don’t worry, nothing is wrong with the laptop, the power adapter is just… In a mega state of despair.

Hence, I can’t post photobooth pics, especially the ones I took with sam in the pasta shop thing two days ago, she look like a freaking vampire, I just can’t wait to post it. Not to forget Kaming’s super nanny hair, holy shities.

I have pictures for today but the pictures are still unprocessed. It’s pictures of the concert, jing and lynette and finally sam’s camwhoring. Will post it after I get my laptop back.

For now, a few random points!!

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In blog on December 11, 2008 at 12:40 am

Seng you are a freaking tard. Serious.

The previous post was made by SENG HUI while I was having a shower.

No dirty toughts please, I went home for a shower after badminton in school and unfortunately he tagged along and this happened.

I am not going to delete the previous post since angela already commented on it, her comments are like super rare.

Everyone knows I am the STFU man anyway, hahahah.

P.S. Seng, thanks for not obeying my house rules ONCE AGAIN. You are hereby banned from entering my house!


In blog on December 10, 2008 at 12:25 pm

i am gyver. i am the STFU man.

that’s it for this post.

Hi Day One

In blog on December 8, 2008 at 12:56 am

Day one of school break isn’t really a true holiday, it’s a freaking public holiday! It’s Hari Raya tomorrow. But I’m meeting Sam and the rest for ConB project, Sam says she wanna try the 8am to 8pm strategy, which means, to finish one month worth of work in one day. Sounds feasible to me. We’re going to meet in Orchard, but Orchard where? Gonna ask her right now… wake her up from her dreams ahahah..

If only my sundays are beautiful as these.

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Things that people probably don’t know about me

In blog on December 5, 2008 at 11:55 pm

Sheena tagged me to do this, here I go.

1. I have only two pair of wearable shoes, pathetic, I know. But I am not the kind of guy who must dress up in red+blue+yellow+purple+caps+skinny+jeans so that people will stare at me.

2. I have 50-60 t-shirts in my wardrobe, but I only wear 5% of it, I am a super picky person and I don’t know why is that.

3. I love adventures, and maybe that is the reason why I love to organize night expeditions, I’ve been to places like Old Changi Hospital, Mt Vernon Funeral thingy and a Japanese Cemetery Park, at night of course and obviously not alone. I hope to expand this list soon, ahahahaha, people, you know what this means!

4. I am not an I.T geek or whatever you call it. I don’t like to break computer down to small pieces and put it into place all over again, I am not a technician and I don’t hope to be one and will never be one because I simply don’t know how to fix such stuff. I just know words that sound smart such as hard disk, ram, cd-rom, graphic cards but seriously, these are just words. I just use my computer so much that I know it quite well, that’s it. 

5. I love to wear my jacket that I bought from Hong Kong a lot, not just a lot, but really really a lot. People always call me crazy for wearing my jacket for 24/7 be it sunny or rainy but I just feel comfortable wearing my jacket and safer too.

6. I love and hate driving. I love it when I am alone and/or with passengers that don’t complain. I hate it when I have passengers that complain. 

7. I hate my freaking bag that I had used since secondary 3. The zip is in a serious state of despair and I often mistaken my wallet or handphone as being lost because the bloody bag is too deep inside and not to mention dark. I need to shop soon.

8. I believe not only in love-at-first-sight, but also in hate-at-first-sight. As you can see in my about page, people with these characteristics often irritate me. I don’t know why, it’s just natural. It’s like, no matter what, I will hate them and talk behind their back, I want a cure but it’s just impossible to find. Sheena knows this best, ahahhahahaa.

9. I am a very sensitive person, I think. Or I think it’s more like paranoia, like thinking that people are angry or dislike at me just because they don’t talk to me or when they don’t reply to my smses. I also don’t like to be hated or dislike.

10. I am a bad “sleeper”. I often go to bed at 12 but end up sleeping only at 2am. Seems like my mind only starts working more actively when it’s late at night. I’ll keep thinking of this and that and this and that and this and that and this and THAT. Relationship stuff takes up 90% of the activity although there is no obvious relationship between me and any other human being.

11. I love America, I love the american life and I love english. Maybe that’s why everyone call me a wanna-be. I think I watch too much hollywood movies. 

12. I hate the chinese band freaks, taiwanese band freaks, japanese band freaks, korean act-cool drama freaks and singapore’s sg idol, sp star, talentine, mr and ms sp nonsense. 

13. I am looking forward to driving european cars like BMW, Mercedes and Audi, just give me a chance to own one! I will be super happy if my father have one, at least I get to drive it. People will say stop dreaming and start working. 

14. I hate nokia, I’ve used like 5-6 generations of crappy Nokia handphones until I decide to switch to Sony Ericsson. 

15. I love apple, I use apple and I buy apple products but that doesn’t mean I am an Apple freak. Just like people use Lv bags, buy LV bags and love LV. Same meaning, it’s just love. I think I use Apple as my nickname before, ahahhahaha.

16. I like to hear someone say WOW, NO, DOWN, NOW because it’s simply so funny and cute.

17. I love DBA-12 because it’s simply the best class I’ve ever been in. Serious. It’s pure LOVE.

18. I hope that the Mind Cafe Session with Rebecca, Sheena and Jerry will one day be fufilled! Well, now maybe with more people!

19. I really want to stop being 19 and start being 20 because I will not be classified as a TEEN anymore. Because I hate teenagers, farked up thinking and disgusting dressing and stuff, it’s just too many reasons to list. But I don’t hate my current friends, I promise.

20. I want to end this blog post as soon as possible because my eyes are getting heavy.

I tag: Angela, Junyu, Kaming, Lynette, Marcus and whoever is in my link list, That’s all byebye!