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Super Fun and Studious Day

In blog on November 29, 2008 at 10:44 pm

Omg, If I say that I am in the MRT blogging about this right now, will anyone believe? It seems like I can survive without a car after all. MRT can be quite nice once in a while I guess. Gives you time to rest while others do the working, like driving the train, ahahaha. But I have to admit that its quite troublesome getting from place to place. 

Today was one of the funnest day I would say, a day out with angela to “Study”, it was quite successful but at the same time quite a failure too.

Gonna blog about this soon!

Angela says I am a Girl and she is a guy, AHHAHHAA. Actually I said that,oops!!!


Mugging Sessions and the not so mugging sessions

In blog on August 13, 2008 at 11:08 pm

The week of mugging is upon us, people mugging like hell during breaks, lectures being quite empty and tutorials with almost half the class disappearing.

I know, 8 days without an update is a phenomenon indeed. Everyone’s asking for an update, so here is a slightly long but boring update. More words, less pictures. I guess there is not much people in a mood for photos. Due to mugging sessions, this post will take a few days to complete.

Due to mugging sessions, blog views have also decreased significantly. Being a Singaporean, transparency is something we should encourage. Here’s something very private but I still showcase!

Yes, all the way down!

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