Wow Hi again..

In blog on October 27, 2010 at 11:32 pm

Hi everybody, seems like I’m back, but not totally back.

I’m just back because I just feel like blogging suddenly, but this is totally normal because sometimes I just have this feeling to blog and after a little while it just dies off, so don’t expect a regular update from me.

It have been almost a year that I have not updated this blog, but trust me, things now are 10000000000000000000 times better than a year ago because my baby made my life so much enjoyable and meaningful.

Since I’m serving the so called national service right now, I have some things to blog about, might be totally off topic to most people but I just want some thoughts out of my mind.

I think it have been like almost one month that I had passed out from BMT and I can seriously say that I do miss it. Things are so different from BMT and unit here, especially when it comes to the people closest to you in your army days, your so called bunk mates.

I do miss my bunkmates in BMT, because you seriously go through shit with them. Some friends I have in BMT made me go pass my limit and you know, sort of pushes you on when you think you have achieved the max.

Nowadays, I really do miss the times when I have my own time own target buddy with me, doing our own jogs, training together and working towards a target like passing IPPT so we don’t get to stay back on weekends for remedial training? That’s what is lacking here in my camp.

Now, all I have is myself to push myself because until now I haven’t found a friend or a buddy that can go through shit together with. Maybe because all of us have already gone through shit and life here is too good, maybe because they, similar to myself, already have bonded with friends and want to stick to their friends..

Let’s hope someone can prove me wrong, now, all I have to depend on is my precious baby and my family to push me on! But seriously, as long as they are with me, that’s enough! Will update again soon! See ya!


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