life so far.

In blog on August 26, 2009 at 5:44 pm

GBE is over, wow. But I don’t feel a thing at all.

No sense of achievement, no sense of happiness.

I have no idea what’s wrong at all.

Suddenly, things happens to me.

Suddenly, what I said doesn’t make sense to others.

Life is smooth sailing, until the problem just came out right like this.

I really don’t understand why, seriously, there is going to be a problem no matter what.

Everything solved? Ok? Nothing changed? Ya, Nothing changed.

But in the end, things do change. Things are different.

What I need now is a rest to forget what people told me today.

So, bloody, saddening.

Everything changed except for one thing, I still can’t do anything.

No more shit for today, just, let me rest. Things will be fine tomorrow, I hope.


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