life so far..

In blog on July 26, 2009 at 2:39 am

It have been good and bad at the same time.

So weird that a day can have so many ups and downs, like seriously, an hour ago everything seems to be so fine and now, you can have problems crawling up your head.

Friday was a relatively good day, had lots of fun during GBE as angela, sheena, junyu, fel and idy sort of camwhored. I will upload the pictures soon as time is quite scarce nowadays. My favourite part was Angela’s PAPARAZI action, very funny and realistic, with the holga camera. LOL!

Then it was Marcom, the worst laughing session ever, oh my god. Junyu, Daryl and I was doing a tutorial based on Aunties and we literally made fun of them. We thought of many campaigns like Aunty Hour(another form of happy hour), Bring 2 aunties get 1 hour free sessions, Aunty-Come-back loyalty program and last but not least, Aunty Come In A Group promotion. LOL! Since aunties flock to have such discounts and promotions, we simply can’t help but to use such promotion names.

Next was playing with Speech, junyu and I cried while we laugh as we typed hahahahahahaha, lollolololololololol and hehehehehehehe for the computer to speak. Daryl was laughing like hell too but wasn’t as loud as us, we laughed damn loud and noisy that everyone were staring at us i think.

It was BD next, as horrible as ever.

After that, we went to Lynette’s aunty karaoke place to have a super nice scream it out session. Fel, Sheena and I went first before Junyu came and join us. We sang like hell, loved all the english songs like BARBIE. It was damn funny. Then I fell asleep because Fel and Junyu spammed chinese songs and I was awaken when they sang some BOOM BOOM song, super noisy and when I woke up, I was lost in a world of confusion.

Sheena went home after that and the rest of us went to some “Zi Cha”(fel and junyu did i spell it correct?!” store to eat. The food was nice, especially the ceral prawn. When I ordered it, Junyu was like super excited because she felt like eating prawn too. After that, it was a long nice chat with fel and junyu as we talked about almost everything, talked about our family, to our behaviours, to our younger days and to our school. I want more of these sessions more often!! LOL

That’s all for today, see ya! Pictures will be posted on a seperate post!


    ME AND SHEENA SANG THE “BOOM BOOM POW”. HAHAHA. i sang the “gotta get get”, and “now”. LOL. and majority was laughter, so u confirm cant sleep pls. lol.

    BARBIE WAS OMG LAH. when everyone gets super high! LOL.

    yay to zi char! and yes, u spelled it correctly!(: my tom yum soup!!!


    and omg cereal prawn?! effing jealous.

  3. hahaha.. prawn… lolx… what what paparazi? cannot meh? i was stalking sheena, not you.

  4. lawl i so happy

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