In blog on July 24, 2009 at 12:00 am

And Oh, not to forget, something to blog about.

There’s something I just need to blog it out.

Well, there are people who say I should blog it out too. SO HERE I GO!

So, I heard someone called me a “Dog” in school today. Like W.T.F.

I mean seriously, why a dog?

Calling me a dog, and in CHINESE.

And seriously how the hell do I know it since that person didn’t say it directly to my face?

Well, I think is like so bloody obvious.

I just accept it as secondary school life, when people used to call others names.

Honestly, at this age, we don’t do this anymore, it’s so damn outdated.



  1. walao.
    if that person got the balls to call you a dog then say it to your face lah!

  2. oh well, maybe that person does not have it, maybe that person does, but let’s not point fingers shall we? LOL

  3. do you guys think he even bother? hahaha…

  4. well, I don’t think he does.. hahahaha, well, just for fun!!!

    I know what angela’s gonna say, “Fun meh????”

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