To the Mary with Special Needs

In blog on July 21, 2009 at 12:11 am

If I remember correctly, you are a mother right? I mean, you gotta be like 25 and above, or maybe older, I don’t know since you’re like trying to conceal your identity and yet trying to make my blog sound like I’m against people with special needs. So do you want me to change my blog address to cater to people with special needs such as yourself?

Like Like seriously, if you are so sensitive about my blog then get the hell out of here and don’t return, I’m just another blogger that blogs about my personal life, not blog about the disabilities of other human beings.

You should seriously read what have been posted below, I think those make sense, even though they don’t make sense to you, this is called IT’S OUR FREAKING LIFE.

Have I met your need yet? A post on it’s own? 🙂


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