End of week

In blog on July 18, 2009 at 12:40 am


The coca cola birthday gift from fel, THANKS ALOT!! Really unexpected present indeed!!! LOL

This week was the best week of the year I believe, school was fun as usual but home was scary with the many projects that are due almost daily.

For the past few days, lectures have been fun thanks to angela, sheena, fel,junyu, sze kee and the rest..

Monday was the celebration of pei jin’s birthday. It was fun although there are some confusion of some sort. She did had a pleasant surprise and stuff. After that, Felicia, Junyu and I went to Ngnee Ann Poly to watch Nana play the touch rugby match. Good try I must say! The whole match was fun as all of us were very into the game, but we are confused about the game since we don’t know much about it. Camwhored like hell with junyu’s handphone as she tried out her paranoma feature.

The impromptu trip to toapayoh/united square have been very fun, the ride there was fun and the dinner was even funnier. Talked about may funny things and that sze kee regreted not buying the iPod touch, and in the end got addicted to some sally spa or something, so did junyu.

Thursday and Friday was mega fun because I had only 3-4 hours of sleep, “chionged” project like hell but end up talking about sooooooooooooooooooo many things, it was bloody hilarious. ahahaha. Ate so much food I am feeling so bankrupt now, LOL. I didn’t know billy bomber’s ribs are so bloody tasty.

  1. haha does it work?did u tried it?

  2. Wow…so clever with that title. Not…’s more like a seventh grader trying to impress his teacher with his play on words. Using the word retarded is just wrong. Period.

  3. hey mary, welcome back! did you miss us?

  4. Aw…. are you so envious that you wanna be one of the retarded population too? Erm… I guess you are too serious to join that community, let me create something else, erm… super retarded? Welcome to your new home, Mary! Thousands claps for the world’s new born retarded genius… woohoo

  5. hey mary, sheena again.

    yes yes you have already said that using the word ‘retarded’ is wrong in your previous comment. we have already established that you’re an idiot. let’s move on, shall we?

    it’s time for Lessons in English with Mary the Faceless Commentator!

    lesson 1: “grow some fucking balls, mary” is that wrong as well?

    lesson 2: “get that stick out of your ass, mary” is that wrong too?

    are you hyperventilating, mary? go fuck yourself.

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