i wouldn’t

In blog on April 5, 2009 at 11:14 am

let a girl suffer a one hour bus ride to meet me given the fact that I have the capability to fetch her from her home.

Would you? If you would, you’re not a freaking man

  1. uhhhh depends. i won’t send her home everytime or i won’t have money what.

    but then again i am NOT a man.


  2. Hmmm. “capability to fetch” can be equal to “got license, no car”

    No one is as lucky as Gyver Chang to have a car in and out, you see….

    If the girl don’t mind, I mean seriously….

  3. capability to fetch means got car got license lah aiyo omg.

    Got car to drive there himself, no car to fetch the person, got car to fetch the person home. get it?!

    @sheena, ok you dont understand omg!

  4. Ya, i agree with what Marcus says, not everyone is as fortunate as you Mr Gyver Chang.

  5. Angela kao you can stop lying to yourself!!! from what i see the person got car lor, dont have to do with whether got car or no car!

  6. You see. Even Angela agrees with me!

    Anyway, what got you to write about this top[ic]?

    Is it random thing going on?

  7. It’s really true that not everyone has car, those without cars too bad loh, but with Singapore transport system, I dun think it’s a big deal! right? I, Angela can definitely survive with buses and MRT. LOLX.

  8. haix anglea, it just have go to do with the willingness and the initiative lah.. omg…………………………… angela ah angela. omg

  9. Is this like a cat fight!?

    hahahha. I am extra here……..

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