Definition or perspective

In blog on March 10, 2009 at 12:30 pm

Details: One hour lunch.
Problem: Said that I am always late to come back from lunch
Actual Situation: Went at 1 and came back at 2. Used iPod all the time, so I have a good view and management of time.

Details: similar, 1 hour of break.
Problem: no problem
Actual situation: went at 5 came back at 6. Obviously went smoking.

Is this just biasness or employees are not allowed to make full use of their time???

  1. fuck them la, di siao my brother. i go burn down their company! Steady come steady go ar! Go whack the boss. LOL joking. Don’t care lah. Work like that one bah. Merciless fucks. T_T

  2. haha this is called bully the small people. dont care them lah, as long as you dont over 1 hr you’re alright :]

  3. yup, 1 word, BIAS!

  4. ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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