live band

In blog on March 8, 2009 at 3:33 am

O m g.

If that time I said it wasn’t love at first sight, I was lying.

I really really really love the live band at ben and jerry.

Alright, from this week onwards, I am going to Ben and Jerry every friday night at demsey hill without FAIL.

Whoever wants to come along, SMS ME!!!!

Omg why only friday!!!!

  1. send me the only nice picture we took. lol.
    must take more pics next time.

  2. I will upload ALL photos ok. Regardless of glamness

  3. REALLY TAT NICE MEH!? shock..

  4. u nv upload lor. -.-
    LOL! eh rmb ask the band female singer arh!
    HAHAHAHA! where she sings other than dempsey. xD

  5. @SHIQI, YESSS, it’s that nice, a band to die for!!!

    @junyu, i send you all thru email one shot lah!!! lol!!!

    YAR, i wanna ask but wont dare lor, how to ask sia!!!

  6. u still slacking at home ar?xD

  7. hi melissa, im gyver. i lyk ur singing. may i noe where other place do u sing too?
    omg! simple la~ come on gyver! u can do it! xDD

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