In blog on March 7, 2009 at 2:47 pm

I am not alone. You are.

  1. attitude seh. lol.

  2. erm…. so lost!

  3. @sheena, what attitude, true what true what!!! LOL…

    @angela, haiz, lost lost lost, you always lost one hor, lost in your own world. Nevermind lah, you won’t understand one 😦 Don’t understand better 😦

  4. haha i understand i think!LOL:p

  5. LOL!!!! ahahah you are not alone too fel!!!

  6. walao… i lost also must say till like this meh?

  7. NO LAH!!! I mean, really, you not interested to understand one, maybe one day then i explain to you!!


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