It’s Raining

In blog on February 26, 2009 at 3:23 pm

The rain falls, every drop of raindrop on the roof gives a sound so pleasant it makes me feel, well, good.
Such a nice change from the fiery sun we have everyday.
Sometimes I pray for rain it didn’t come, this time it came, but it’s not because my prayer works, it’s just nature.
Every single time it rains, it just make studying more productive because it’s like studying in another environment.
Today it rained, It didn’t make me feel better.
The raindrops failed to make me better.
Maybe it did nothing, maybe it made me feel worse.
Today it is just raining for the sake of raining, I mean, since when this isn’t the reason?

  1. Is there anything that is between the lines?

  2. rain can be good.

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