After I start Mugging

In blog on February 18, 2009 at 4:29 pm

I can say that it is a really painful process to rush 6-months worth of shit into 1 night. But seriously, it couldn’t be possible to motivation and especially to the coffee from Mccafe.


Thank god It rained!

Then I mugged for the whole freaking night. And wow, I didn’t believe I have the driving force now.


Even at 3, I don’t feel one inch of fatigue. I listened to 90.5fm all the way!


I think it works, watch the time goes by make it slow down, giving me more time to study, is that right?104

At this point of time, there is some motivation slowly crawling off. Process sort of reduced drastically.


Then I think it’s time to hit the bed, i did it!!! YAY!!

I have confidence to score for my FM…. 70% that is. 🙂


  1. WAH 70% AH! i hate chew.

  2. Ha! The night is definitely long!

  3. @sheena, no lah, it’s just an estimation of confidence which is not a direct relationship with the marks!!! 😦

    @maracusdot, YES, MEGALONG!!!

  4. haix… dunno why i just now really submitted my comment but it doesn’t show up. Well, what i wanted to say is MUG hard. stay focus. dun let your mind wander….

  5. nevermind angela!!!! yes i will mug super hard, time for coffee again 😦 I will definitely try to stay focus lah…. and whether my mind wander or not, not for me to decide, ahahahahaah

    YOU TOO HOR. GO FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. 1000 words by tonight okie?

  7. Okie. You better do it hor.. Or else…. Or else….. Haiz, I dunno what too. JUST DO IT HOR.

    Stop studying your HRM AND DO IT!

  8. so much about “staying focus” …

  9. update!

  10. i tried a McDonald’s mocha (McMocha?) today, it wasn’t as bad as i thought it would be

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