Before I start mugging

In blog on February 12, 2009 at 9:08 pm

I have to blog to announce that Intelligently Retarded will be closed for a few weeks, depending on the exam schedule which will be posted on top for the convenience for DBA12(kudos to sherilyn for the information on her blog, do listen to I’LL KILL HER!) .

Before the closure, there are last words/pictures to tell or show.

I have to officially declare this is the sweetest thing that have happened to me. Thanks Mum and Sis!

With 6 cds of love songs, I will definitely feel so loved.

I am seriously amazed at Angela’s genius ability, that’s what she did when there is no air-con when we went back to school on a freaking sunday. She saved us all, she’s a heroine!

Chinese New Year is over!!! And I have to say this year is super ENJOYABLE, wouldn’t be possible without all my relatives!!!! Especially the cousins, definitely love them like hell!!!

Here’s what we got from the blaw discussion, we were debating how could sherilyn do such an emotion such as this!!! Daryl is a real genius in art.

Then we have this study trip to coffee bean before FEB starts. Our study trip is full of dicks. Serious. And it’s obvious who did that, ahahaha. Sam wrote that. Good to see she’s recovering well already!

Then you have Sheena here camwhoring while we are “studying”. We had a super fun time talking about super ego things, i mean SUPER fun. Seems like we have a common topic after all. Then she keep irritating me with her fallout bitches thing she read from her teens mag. Seng came afterwards, such a concidence. We went to eat near by then he went off. I went to buy a new phone, THANKS FOR ACCOMPANYING ME, you know who you are!!

TADAH!!!! Here’s the new phone, works pretty well so far!!! This also the phone that sent MMS to everybody. Apparently, I was trying to inform people of my number change but i think if the number of recipents goes over a number, it will automatically convert to MMS. Weird.

That’s all for today. I’ve closed my blog and there might be sudden opens but that depends, ahaha. CYA!!! GOOD LUCK FOR EXAMS!

  1. omg… you asked me dun learn bad thing and you officially showing everyone, not fair! hahaha… i am not that great yet! thanks for helping me to put the chair in!

  2. HEY YOU!!! You there!! ANGELA KAO!!! YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO READ THIS!!! ahhh!!!!!!!!!!!

    Cover your eyes hor!!!!

    You are THAT great lor…. Yar, in the end I was the one who put the chair in -_-

  3. oh! now i know who drew the pic….. haha.

  4. eh what fall out bitches!

  5. @sherlim, ahahaha, like so obvious what!!!!!!

    @sheena, what you mean, they are called FALL OUT BITCHES right??

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