STFU+ Randomness

In blog on February 8, 2009 at 12:20 am

Thanks fel and junyu for the use of my trademark.

I feel, honored to have you guys used my trademark as a guide to life.

It’s nice to have people appreciate such a nice gentle word.

Thanks Felicia and Junyu again.


JUST KIDDING. I just find it hilarious that STFU is still in their mind, ahahahaha!!!!

Now, let’s get random!!

  1. Feb is coming on monday, GOOD LUCK TO ALL!!!!!
  2. I am freaking full. I think people that saw my handphone recently knows i have a plan and obviously it failed. Just now I ate 2 prata, 1 murtabak, one plate of rojak, one icecream, one glass of water, one bundung and soyabean when i get home. I shouldn’t have ordered the murtabak if I knew no one wants it!!! it’s like 8 pieces of crap!! each the size of a post-it note, omg.
  3. I hereby announce that Angela shall not take my phone without my permission without my presence,omg, she did a very stupid thing. I am not pissed. I won’t pissed one. Angela, go on, take my phone, do what you want. Do lah, go on, Do, I don’t care one. GO LA. Do it!!
  4. YEAR 2 IS OVER!!! YAY!!!!!!
  5. I don’t like geeks. I am not one and will never be. Ask sheena why.
  6. I love demsey hill, the outing with cousins was superb, i fall in love with the singer, i think it’s love at first sight, except that it’s not really love.
  7. I don’t have time to study for FEB. Shits.
  8. I am bored
  9. I still havent do fel’s 25 random things about you, I think i don’t have the time. But if I don’t have time, what am I doing here?
  10. This is a pre-exam stress release mechanism thingy. Check dictionary if you don’t know what I mean
  11. I have to sleep.
  1. “i think it’s love at first sight, except that it’s not really love.”

    LOL then what is it? lust??? ;]

  2. lol, what the hell. you go time to blog eh! anyway, that tag is very stupid too. lol.

    and yes yes, your gentle word is polluting out minds like hello!

  3. thanks a lot Gyver, for letting me to taste my own medicines! I feel good deleting them. it tells you that next time must say properly. dun anyhow say then i do what you said” i dun have time to delete it yet”

    PS: Sheena, good one. lust… Gyver, are you lustful after you have your love at the first sight at demsey hill?

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