Randomness 2009

In blog on February 4, 2009 at 9:39 pm
  • I slept no earlier than 1am for the past week. I’m so DESPERATE for sleep now.
  • I am happy for the high marks I got for PSCM. I am not happy Ming Ka Chan got the same marks as me. ahaahha JOKING. HI FIVE!!!@ junyu,idy,wengboh and jolene too!
  • Someone is very sick :(, well, GET WELL SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON!!!! 🙂 BE STRONG!!!
  • Samantha is coming back to school tomorrow, hip hip horay for her!!!!!
  • Victor Joe gave me his name card.
  • I’m converting to singtel soon.
  • I’m loving the random screams on the ipod touch, lol with seng and daryl. The iPod Touch Tripods. ahahahahha.
  • We completed blaw project in 5 and a half hour. congrats to us. I love my group.
  • I am starting to have the mood to chiong exams, don’t ask me why.
  • I’ve planned for an after-exams period activity, it will either end up very well or very bad. I don’t know if I am prepared for it.
  • I’m going to sell diamonds in Wheellock place, come find me for up to 150% discounts.
  • We’re having a Left 4 dead party after exams, who want’s in??!?
  • dinner with samantha, seng, daryl, wengboh, kaming was AWEEEEEEESOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEEE
  • With the presence of an iPod touch, why will other companies like Samsung or Creative continue to produce Mp3s? It just doesn’t make sense!
  • We’re in love with I’ll Kill Her by Soko, thanks SHERILYN!!
  • I still have FEB ppt to chiong. Bye
  • wait,sheena want me to say get well soon to her too. -_-
  1. when i saw “victor” in your tag i thot you tagging your BEST FRIEND who we are gonna see tmr. AHAHA.

  2. victor is not my best friend, it’s yours.

    I think he likes you.

  3. LOL! Didn’t know yall would get hooked on that song. 2 questions tho.

    #1, who’s “we’re” thats hooked onto the song and
    #2, why am i tagged as SHERLILY?

    hahaha. mug hard.

  4. LEFT4DEAD ! dont leave me out ! whahaha . kill !

  5. eeeeeeeeee, i hope i never see him again. gahaha.

  6. @sherlim, errrr those we refers to “Me, Kaming, Daryl, Seng and Weng Boh”.. ahahaa we are seriously HOOkED!!! Sorry typo!!! ahaahhaha

    @idy, OK!!!!! LET’S do it!!! we are finding players you know!!!

    @sheeeeena, I’m sorry but he will be the same gems as you next year, you got his email right, he sure email you ask you one. No escape.

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