The art of not giving a damn.

In blog on January 18, 2009 at 2:20 pm

Seriously, many years have passed and I have left my primary and secondary school friends behind, maybe not all of them but majority of them. Most of them are friends I don’t really give a damn about because they don’t really affect my life. I was hoping that I will never ever see them again.

Sadly, due to the advancements of technology, people came up with superb websites like facebook  wordpress etc. And these people just added me and here I am looking at their Facebook profile, looking at their “new” look, their new “perspective”, their new “life”. Obviously, people like sheena knows I am not the kind that actually like those “cool” hairstyles, “emo” dressing and stuff. The irony is, 90% of these bad friends have such changes and I wasn’t too sort of, fond of their changes.

But one thing is for sure, who am I to comment on their looks? Who am I to comment on them so that they would change? Who the hell am I to sort of say, this girl is not for you, that girl is not for you? They are just friends, most of them degraded to acquaintance. I, do not have a part in their life at all.

Well, I would say, do whatever you want to your hair, I’m not going to care because it seriously doesn’t affect me. Just don’t convert me to you 🙂

I promise and swear this is not an emo post, it’s just random, to let some of my readers know me better perhaps, ahahahaha.

  1. you are the opposite of emo.
    you are ome.

  2. ER……………………

    Seriously, yes, I am OME = Opposition of the MASS EMOFAGGOTS.

    Ok sheena, I shall stop insulting your idols.

  3. Ha.

    so much about HAIR.

  4. omg, i like that, sheena! Woossss…. OME EMO

  5. @marcusdot, errr, lol, best example mah!!!

    @angela, very funny huh angela? you owe me one slap.

  6. haha. thank you! thank you!

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