Christmas and Post-Christmas Activities

In blog on January 7, 2009 at 7:35 pm

Long overdue topic to talk about due to lack-of-time, moodless times and lazy times. I want to settle everything before I chiong school work, first topic, Christmas!

Christmas Eve was practically a day out with Sis to shop for Christmas gift. This year’s Christmas was the most realistic and most well organized one. We have gift exchange between our family members and the best part was, we have a freaking christmas tree!

The Christmas Tree at TAKA.

On Christmas day itself I overslept, and woke up to find only myself at home, Sis and Mum was out while Dad was at a customer’s Christmas party or something. Sis and mum came back and we were off to have brunch at Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe, our favourite place to chill out, regardless of whether it is breakfast, lunch, dinner or supper.

Sis’ noodle I think.

Sui Mai


Prawn Paste chicken

Milk Tea



Some sesame thing

Curry at its best, Hong Kong Style

Baked Rice

Me and Sis

We went to FairPriceFinest at Bukit Timah Plaza, we just loved the place, there’s the christmas shopping feel.

What we bought.

Sis is happily shopping away. Taking what she wants!

Filling up some form.

Our Christmas dinner!!! The first time ever! and the BEST!

Strawberry drink that my sis made.

Chickens. We wanted a full huge turkey but it’s sold out, damn.


Depth of Field screw up, it was supposed to be clear to blur but I like the effect.

Taking photo by the christmas Tree

Mum and her present.

Is it genuine leather?

Dad opening up his Christmas Gift

Our LOG CAKE. Super nice!

Snoopy is sleeping.


The trip to Pan Pacific.

The huge christmas tree.

Opposite Pan Pacific, CONRAD.

Swimming Pool.

Here we are, Hai Tien Lo. Is this supposed to be some high society place or something, the damn orange juice costs 10 bucks. I’m not saying I’m high society or what, I’m here to get what I want for the deserving person, that’s all!!

Superb Views, we’re in heaven!

The traffic.

The glass of cup that costs us, some huge amount of money, I thinkk.

This bloody soft shell crab thing costs us 18 bucks, look how small it is.

A detailed close up.

Ha Gao. Authentic one!

Omg look at the shrimp!

Sis getting a bite.

That’s… Me.

The Egg Tarts, looks good to me.

Objective completed. Home we go!

  1. merry christmas! hohoho!

  2. I HUNGRY LIAO LA.. lol..


  4. Thanks. you know what i mean

  5. @seeeeena hohoho back. but you don’t fit the role of a santa claus, like seriously.

    @shiqi, sorry la, be prepared la, my blog got alot of food pics one!

    @nana, sorry, i accidentally used your name to comment =X

    @angela, aiya, how many times you want to say THANKS?! Yes i know what you mean1!!

  6. Is this that Famous Blogger?

    Nothing IMPRESSIVE!

  7. @marcus what who where when? simi famous blogger?

  8. Oh! On my iPhone ha!

  9. You. Famous blogger mah

  10. i am bored.

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