I love surprises

In blog on January 4, 2009 at 4:13 am

2009 started with a huge bang, and wow, how fun 2009 is going to be, i wondered.

Now, I found out  it’s just a false alarm, just how fun is it going to be?

I love surprises, who doesn’t? But what if they are bad ones.

I received one in a gift box and it doesn’t feel good.

I thought I solved it, but yet there is a bigger problem in a smaller box. Now THAT, is the root of the problem.

Thought I could run away from the problem, drove round and round. That’s what I do when I don’t have the mood, and seriously, sorry for scaring you joey. You shouldn’t have come with me.

The moment I reached home a few hours later, I realized, going round and round burning petrol doesn’t solve anything. The more you drive the more you think, the more you drive the faster you drive the faster you drive, the faster the problem chases you. That’s the traffic police, only that it doesn’t summon you.

Now I am here blogging, the next best alternative, similar to driving around like nuts, what does it solve? After all it’s just a platform to park your rants.

I’m not going to sleep tonight I guess.

  1. i know this is the last thing you care about but i love this post. haha. talk it out lah deh. 🙂

  2. relax lah Gyver!

  3. @sheena, what the? the very first time my engalish better than yours? ahahah JKJK

    @angela, no no no no, i am very serious about it!

  4. I am very very serious also! But what is more serious than being happy? You tell me

  5. I am very very very serious about being happy too. But things are preventing me from being happy. I tell you. LOL

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