Happy New Year!

In blog on January 2, 2009 at 12:08 am


Time seriously flies like hell but 2008 is gone, but memories remains, 98% good memories i would say.

2008 is good because:

  •  My family is happy, safe and sound.
  • There are activities with at least some of my cousins, we have grown up to a point that we make time every few weeks to meet up to BOND!
  • I got the driving license and freedom sort of just came just like this!
  • I think I became a happier person.
  • Got many many new gadgets.
  • Went to vietnam for a real real holiday.
  • Lastly, among the best things that happened… I GOT INTO DBA12. The best damn class ever. I’ve known many many good friends that had changed my life dramatically, obviously in the good way.

2008 is bad because:

  • My GPA still suck.
  • I’m still stuck with toyota(Sorry for being materialistic, but… I’m a slave to cars)
  • I spent too much money
  • I still don’t have courage!!

Yep. That’s about all. Let’s hope 2009 will be a much better year!!!

Had the best best best best countdown party last night. I want to thank everybody that was there for being superb V.I.P guests(except that I don’t serve people drinks myself =X) . I will DEFINITELY plan another one for this year, sam already promised to be there, AHAHAHHA. 

Finally, thank these people for the party:

  • Dad for allowing me to hold the party.Mum and Sis for putting so much effort into the period from Christmas to New year, for forking out money to buy the christmas tree while I was out at vietnam, for decorating the christmas tree, for making 2008’s christmas a very unique and warm one, for going christmas shopping with me, for giving me advices, for making sure the new year eve party works so that I can be happy.
  • Joey for the frequently reminding my sis and mum to persuade dad to buy the christmas tree.
  • The superb friends that made this whole thing fun : Sam, Lynette, Seng, Jerry, Sherilyn, Angela, Ka Ming, Felicia, Weng Boh
  • Special thanks to SAMANTHA for sacrificing for me THREE times for this party thing, ahahah. I owe you 3 sacrifices.
  • Special thanks to LYNETTE for the PLEASANT surprise, LOL.
  • Special thanks to FEL as the organzer to make this thing work too.
  • Special thanks to JERRY and SENG for staying overnight.
  • Special thanks to EVERYONE for making this the BEST NIGHT EVER.(except for the part where people get crazy over chinese freaks and the little nonya part, LOL…)

That’s all, HAVE A SUPERB 2009!!!

  1. haha you are welcome and thanks for everything too! the chinese shows are nice okay especially little nonya! tsk, gyver! TRYING TO FORBADE US TO WATCH TV:D

  2. haha, yepps you’re heavily in debt to me! (: and nxt time be a better host! dont keep calling RITA! haha. and chinese shows are nice! yay fel!

  3. Little nao hia is the best! ahhahahahaa

  4. Thanks, you are very nice!

  5. ahahahhaha i had fun too, thanks for the party man. and please please please send me like all the photos from viet and in school and the party and whatever photos to my email! zip em up haha.

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