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In blog on December 28, 2008 at 2:45 pm

Randomness once again, here’s a random rant.


dscn3537-1The batteries my mum bought made me think of many things, random things. Maybe I have too much time after being busy for a few days that kept these thoughts coming.

  • 4 batteries for $2.65, Very cheap isn’t it?
  • But wait. It’s like 4 batteries with 2 free ones, incredible.
  • But wait, why don’t they just say it’s 6 for $2.65 but 4 for $2.65 plus 2 free.
  • Oh my god, marketing teams nowadays are so……..

Sorry, that is too random. I promise I will update soon about the vietnam trip, christmas post and stuff, yes. Good bye and happy school-starting day tomorrow! Can’t wait to see friends in school tomorrow!!!

  1. Hello (as requested). HAHAHAHAHAHA… so fun

  2. Hello angela, thanks for keeping my blog alive. HAHAHAHAHAHA so fun, I help you keep your blog alive too…

  3. Hello. (Though you never request)

    That is not that fun as it seems…

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