In blog on December 14, 2008 at 1:58 am

My hands just feel itchy to post something. I’m going to post a video, not about some cullen faggot, not about what twilight thingy, it’s a super nice song. LAST CHRISTMAS!

I think this song gives me super nice memories, the time when I’m in Hong Kong. I was sitting with marcus in the bus or something then we shared the walkman or something. Though that time I don’t know wtf that song means, it still mean something. The super fun time in Hong Kong as a kid.

Now as I understand it more, it makes more sense to love that song. But I didn’t give my heart to someone else last Christmas eh?

  1. you very bad leh 😡 lol

  2. hahaahahaha sheena, being bad to such people is like IN MY BLOOD!!!!! Don’t be pissed lah, it’s just my natural hate at first sight thing. Don’t let me talk about that person, ahahahahahahahah

  3. OEI! wat cullen faggot?! i flood u wif mint ice-cream arh! pls write smth nice about cullen in the next post as a compensation. HAHAHAHAHA!! i dont care! xDD

  4. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH, mint ice-cream arh!? Flood me with your mint i give fel eat lor she like what… Ok I write something nice! hahaa

  5. faggot? thats a very ermmmmm nice? word to use?
    kinda suits u gyver
    i mean seriously
    faggot is like so you???
    joking ar

  6. Thanks seng thanks… but thats the best way to describe wierd people

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