Her voice.

In blog on December 14, 2008 at 7:11 pm

Is like super nice, I don’t know why. Same old song made nice, I am First Love-crazy.

Should i subscribe to her videos, hahaah.

Junyu want me to compliment her idol. Ok, cullen is not as bad as a faggot that I had mentioned earlier. But he is still 50% faggot. This is something good about him :).

p.s. junyu say he is not faggot but handsome…arg..I kena forced to say this…

  1. cullen IS HANDSOME! rahh! stil say ppl faggot! hahahas!
    wah still say kena forced by me!! xD tsktsktsk.
    don need to tell ppl one rite. hahas!

  2. next time i will record down how you look when you listen to this song and talk about the singer ok ? damn funny

  3. ahhhh edward cullen

  4. @junyu, nonono thats what you think its not TRUE. have to say kena forced lah, if i say he is handsome I am like super gay and I Dont want that to happen. he is so not handsome;

    @angela, I very funny meh?

    @sheena, …

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