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In blog on December 13, 2008 at 4:15 am

Started the day damn early at 8am in FC6. I had to wake up at like…..6? I thought it is going to be the worst day of the week but hell no it isn’t. Project was quite fun with Ming-Ge, Jolene and the rest.

Soon after that bekka came and we talked crapped and stuff, we talked about handphones.

Then we came to the topic about iPhone, rebecca said I should get one but I thought it is quite dumb to get an iPhone since I already have an iPod Touch and a phone. But come to think about it, there is a very simple solution. The Equation is:




iPod touch



Which means phone + iPod = iPhone, then it is logical to get an iPhone to replace both of them, simple.

But where’s the money?! Maybe I should sell both to raise money.

After that, the fun begins. I stop spying on Rebecca’s hrm work and then went to pass the super huge luggage to Angela.

To my surprise she is like doing housework, so I sort of joined in the fun to do some sweeping. I swear this is like the first time I’ve ever swept the floor and I got to admit it felt…tiring.  Woew angela look, the first sweep in your house leh!!!!! Come on, CRY!!!

Then after that, watched some short dvds and went off to Dhoby Ghaut to run some errands, she’s like her sister’s little personal assistant. How I wish I had one too LOL. Then she went shopping for her hair products thing, super funny.

Then we went on to Wheellock Place for her mtm thingy, and bloody hell. I seriously hate the jam in orchard road. At that time it was only 3.30pm or something. I thought the roads will only be jammed during the peak hours like 1-2pm or 5-6pm onwards. Seems like it’s not the case.

After the mtm thing, we sat down for awhile while she finishes her hrm project work thingy so that she could send to her teamates to continue on. By 4.30, we left the wheel lock place because angela doesnt want to waste spending more parking fee. Queen of Financial Management.

We proceeded to Square 2 after that to visit Junyu at her andersons. She was a kind and friendy staff, I promise. Good greetings, good service and especially good food. Angela finally ate some ice-cream because she promise me to try the korean ice-cream, which wasn’t anderson icecream, so she have to try other ice-creams after that. she said I broke my promise but I didn’t. She heard wrong. I think this time the ice-cream tastes better because its all nice favours, like 2 cookies and cream, 2 vanilla and 1 mango. The previous time I came with Junyu and Sze Kee it was with MINT. Holy mints.

Went all the way to junction 8 to watch the Day The World Stood Still. Well. It wasn’t worth the 10 I would say. Angela almost VOMITED in the cinema just because the alien sheds its skin and the surgeon poked the knife into the alien meat. She kept “EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW”ing. Funny shits.

The time is like flying super fast, angela said because i was happy well, it was, it was SUPER FUN.

After that we were super tired, fetched her back and slacked for awhile while she does her account and then met Jerry at the Queenstown MRT. We went all the way to suntec. We were planning to go to the pub opposite Suntect but sadly its super full. We met Seng at the roundabout and we were surprised. SENG CUT HIS HAIR!!!

Seng told us something TERRIFYING but HILIARIOUS at the same time. I shouldn’t reveal it here in case it causes unncessary embarassment. Its something unheard of. All of us are like omg where should we go and eat or hang out. Jerry wants somewhere to chill out while Seng wants somewhere to eat. So we decide, HONG KONG CAFE was the best choice. So we went to cineleisure.

We ordered food and ate and chat. It was a super funny chat. We talked about many things like our teachers and stupid rumours that are spreading. Some heart to heart talk for ya. Jerry said he feel deaf in the place. Seng said he feel something bad is happening because a group of people is pointing at him. Well, I feel…. Sleepy.

We went Chinatown to fetch my sis at exactly 1.15am. It is because her handphone is out of battery and we have no ways to contact each other so we created an agreement to meet at that palce at 1.15am sharp. Fetched her and went all the way to Bukit Timah to makan makan.

Jerry took a cab home and sent seng home and off to home we went.

A fun day indeed. Time flies when you’re enjoying indeed!

  1. Hahaha… thank you very much for lending me the super huge luggage. I promise I will keep it in good condition. It’s not that I enjoy doing housework but I have no choice but I really dun mind if someone do it for me. Hahaha… and I am very touched that you spent your first time sweeping in my house. Hahaha.. I will help you to keep a look out for a personal assistant, tell me how you want her or him to be, good looking??? Sweet? Sexy? Cute? Hahahaha… Thanks a lot for going so many places… very touched…. Aw….. Yea,…. Cheers to the queen of financial management. Sorry if I have been naggy sometimes, I wont nag at you anymore, spend more money, okay? Ahaha… I realize 1 thing, you laugh at my actions a lot, dun you? Hahahaha,,, got so funny meh??? The way I speak? The way I react? Dun tell me the way I look is funny too? Wao… this is my longest comment, izzn’t?

  2. ask me comment then never reply me

  3. No lah.

    you gave me the reply at 8.37pm yesterday but I am not at home. I was like playing ping pong leh. I hang out with my cousin until like 10.15 then I reached home at like 11 and 11.30 i go supper with my bro and sis then I reach home at around 12.45. I think. And when I come back liao i am like super tired liao not in the best mood to reply. You write so long must reply the best reply right? Must be in the right mood and right time. You see, it takes THAT much to reply your LONGEST REPLY.

    Ok let’s reply now.

    Hmm, the super huge luggage… Np and yes I know you will keep it in the best condition. The way you take care of things, omg, you are like the mother of all things. Hey next time you need to do housework call me, I am willing to…well, bring LOTS OF ANT KILLER. Seriously, your house full of ants, and I think I am quite good at killing them =XXXX

    I need a personal assistant that is cute, pretty, motherly, financial expert. got any one that meet the expectations?!!?HAAHAHHAHA

    You sure you are touched? No cry? Take photo of the amount of bottles of tear you collect ok?

    No you should nag more, at least can save 2-3 dollars a day lor, seriously. Tanks financial queen.

    AHahhaa, i told you many times liao!!!! I DON’T LAUGH at your actions because its funny, i laugh because its C _ _ _. You fill in the blanks yourself, HAPPY? The way you speak the way you react the way you react are all described by the C word. You are so not funny.

    Eh, this is my longest comment too hor.


  4. omg it look like a whole post, HAPPY NOW ANGELA?!

  5. Omg, I cant believe that you even got down the timing too. Hahaha… right, you gotta get everything right before replying my post har? Not becoz I ask you to reply arh? Lolx…
    “MOTHER OF ALL THINGS”, hahahaha… i laugh like hell when I read this, is this my impression to you? When you are given an essay about “Motherly” are you gonna describe me? Lolx…. Hahaha… bring some ants killer next time. I dun know where they came from too. But with them running around my house, at least I am not that lonely.
    I found your personal assistant but pls call her to negotiate about the salary wise.
    Btw, I dun cry when I am touched, I only cried when I feel that I am ill treated and of course, PAINS….
    Lolx.. you are like mocking me, save $2 or $3? Hahaha…. I dun wan. I quit. So you better find a girlfriend to do my job.
    Let’s try to feel in the blank: COOL. I am cool. That’s what James trying to achieve.
    I speak COOL
    I react COOL

  6. MOTHER OF ALL THINGS. Yes, keep laughing. You see i am at the right place at the right time. I am at aiport to reply your message now. Right time right mood I AM EXCITED. Right time to comment right?

    I will bring ants killer….. LOTS OF IT.. Human killer too if you want….

    Awwww you will be loney without the ants if I kill them…….AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

    I also found the personal assistant… She is standing beside me right NOEW… I think her name is angela… Fits all the criteria very well…. I think I will talk to her straight about the salary…

    OK, you will be TOUCHED and cry when i pinch you like hell.. happy?


    C _ _ _ = C U T E

    YOU SPEAK C _ _ _
    YOU REACT C _ _ _

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