Randomness 3

In blog on December 11, 2008 at 1:52 am

My main laptop is down now. How sad is that, stupid snoopy did it.

Don’t worry, nothing is wrong with the laptop, the power adapter is just… In a mega state of despair.

Hence, I can’t post photobooth pics, especially the ones I took with sam in the pasta shop thing two days ago, she look like a freaking vampire, I just can’t wait to post it. Not to forget Kaming’s super nanny hair, holy shities.

I have pictures for today but the pictures are still unprocessed. It’s pictures of the concert, jing and lynette and finally sam’s camwhoring. Will post it after I get my laptop back.

For now, a few random points!!

  • I am currently surviving on 30 freaking songs that I listen when I am driving, and guess what, I kept repeating them until I can almost memorize the lyrics(except the chinese ones of course). PLEASE!! Introduce me new songs! My recent favourite one is Love Story by Taylor Swift, I think I first heard it from Fel’s blog.
  • I have 30 Marks and Spencers sardine cans in my kitchen drawer. Unbelieveable? Believe it. ahaah, thanks to dad. I can now survive at home in case of an epidemic for 30 days.
  • I gave Seng one present today and he gave me three. 1. He made me wait 1hr in school. 2. He took my driving license and claimed kaming took it and gave it to me only after he got off the car. 3. He wrote a lame post while I was showering. Seriously thanks. You don’t have to give me present for christmas, my birthday and next year christmas.
  • Seriously LOL at Angela’s comment on the previous previous post. Still say very nice post.
  • Sheena still wonders how I make snow. Well, what can I say is that… It’s automatic!
  • Stupid Lai nette passed flu to me and sam, now I am suffering in silence. Joking Joking, I am not blaming you, just….take care, really!
  • I am going to love tomorrow because I can finally sleep till whatever time I want. I woke up at 7 on sunday, 8 on monday, 11 on tuesday, 9 today. Finally some serious sleep.
  • I love the pub at somewhere opposite suntec. I love the atmostsphere. I love the singers. I love the relaxatio. I love my fruit punch. I love the seats. Seriously, only sam knows such wierd european names.
  • Ping Pong with the crazy cousins this saturday, guess how excited am I? SUPER BLOODY EXCITE OMG. I can’t wait to challenge Marcus again, ahahaha!!!
  • I am now blogging using my HP laptop, but I can’t help to say it feels different. Sorry, but I just have to say it. It’s different. Don’t call me an apple whore.
  • I love pepper lunch. But I forgot to ask them for less corn.
  • Sam is super evil today. She pinched me 234 times, the super pain kind by pinching super small surface area. She agreed to share the damn chicken wings and sui mai but in the end I had to eat them all finish myself. She freaking tortured my hand by using a pencil to draw on it, now I can see red marks. I am going to the doctor tomorrow to verify abuse. She freaking use the nail polish on my HANDS, ON MY SKIN. Now I wonder how do I remove them. Next, she freaking made my camera wet by asking me to take photo of her WITH THE FOUNTAIN BEHIND. Not just a fountain, but the world largest fountain. It’s practically raining. Next…. ahh, there’s too many to list. Oh well, BONVOYAGE, take care in MILAN, shit i am freaking jealous
  • I seriously hope people will sort of you know, reply to the damn new year eve email that I had spammed to everyone. So far, only sze kee replied, well THANKS SZE KEE!!! I will give you KISSES chocolate. I hope I can confirm everyone’s attendence by this sunday. So far we have around 8 now.  Quite a huge number already, PLEASE..REPLY!!!
  • I am gonna sleep bhye!.
  1. i cant make the snow ))):

  2. haha i shall replied here, i am going of course, if not i think you will kill me! Love story by taylor swift is very niceee! 😀 you’re so welcome! hahaha! Eh i wanna play badminton again! lol

  3. Tell you what…

    You are going to lose! WAHA!



  4. @sheeena… awwwww, impossible, you should be able to make it, its like an all wordpress blog feature…

    @fel YES! I am going to kill you if you are not going hahaha… Yep the song is nice, super fairytale omg…. I want badminton too!!! Maybe we are playing on the 23!!!!

    @Marcus I AM GOING TO LOSE? LIKE WTF? That time I beat my friend like twice in a row omg…hahahahahah lets play ping pong first!

  5. lol.. hey u!! lalalala.. i been missing out alot ar..=X i wan BADMINTON too!!:P

  6. @SHIQI, OMG HI SZE KEE!! LONG TIME NO SEE. We seriously miss your STDU and ROCK ON thing leh…. WHEN CAN WE MEET UP FOR BADMINTON!!!!!!! Please come back to singapore ASAP!

  7. so now u own me a Christmas present since i have already given u so much presents.
    if u really selling find me

  8. what the, i wont give you a touch for christmas!!!

  9. lols… den i’ll give u a slap
    and no… i dun wan ur touch
    i wan a IPOD TOUCH… –I–

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