In blog on December 5, 2008 at 11:10 pm

SCHOOL’S OVER!!! For 3 weeks at least, after 5 freaking days of hell.This week was FM,BLAW, PSCN,FEB and HRM. Add them up together you get FMBLAWPSCNFEBHRM, one whole complicated piece of shit.

I swear I have never ever gone through such a last-minute and un-understandable mugging session in my whole life before. It was super last-minute, as last minute as studying a few hours before the exam itself but I have to admit, it’s pretty successful, thanks to the more lenient papers, except BLAW, it was crappy. 

Today was an interesting day indeed, went to school a little bit earlier to study and the HRM test itself was super hilarious. The invigilator, which was our tutor(I forgot his name =X), was making us laugh all the way. He was like making fun of the “potential MC kings/queens”, like Where’s My XXX, Why my XXX haven’t come etc. The whole class laughed like hell, way into like 5 minutes into the test I was still laughing like mad. This is what I call, funny-yet-acceptable kind of thing.

Yesterday wasn’t that good, during FEB, for no apparent reason, I was called to sit in front, well maybe I was talking and doing some “actions” but it was way before everyone was here and the test haven’t even started. 

Going back to today, yep, eventually it was quite a smooooooth process, HRM was easier than expected I guess, It was very last minute as I didn’t have much time to study. So after that, Angela and I went to IKEA for lunch, the super nice fish-and-chips without the chips, cheese cakes, honey-stars and chicken wings while junyu, fel and jerry went kbox or something, I wasn’t sure of the plan because it was quite chaotic. Helped angela fix her comp and then went to watch Madagascar 2 after that and OMFG, its a funny-yet-touching movie. Angela cried, awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Actually I intend to join junyu, fel and jerry for dinner but in the end went somewhere else to eat instead.

A great day just ends like this. It was tempting to organize another night expedition but I believe it’s too impromptu and I was super full as well, not to mention super exhausted.

Now, I have to do an assignment, I’ve been tagged by sheena to do some blog stuff, oh well, sleep after that!

  1. hey, how do you know i was crying arh ? hahaha… lolx… thanks for fixing my comp

  2. What the?!?! The same way you find out that I was LAUGHING? LOL!!!! npnp, thanks for the dinner, ahahah!!!

  3. what is a woew.

  4. lol.. faint.. u got TYPO error!!!

  5. @sheena, woew is a variable of wow…

    @shiqi, no lah!!! where got so stupid make this kind of SUPER OBVIOUS error LOL!!!

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