SpamPost: Pizza

In blog on November 24, 2008 at 1:22 am

On monday, after school I went to Pizza Hut at bukit timah plaza with Angela. Well, not AFTER school, more like 2 hours later.

Because Angela’s hungry, then I accompanied her to bukit timah plaza to eat PIZZA HUT. We ordered the huge pizza, like 8 huge pieces and we have to share the whole pizza, which means, 4 huge piece EACH. That’s like super alot, I was surprised Angela can like eat finish 4 huge piece, ahaha, joking.

For 3/4 of the whole dinner, we were like talking about MAIDS. It was a super funn discussion, we talked about our own experiences, and obviously, like everyone knows, I share more of my bad maid experiences.

After that, we went somewhere around the area to look around for those super huge bangalows, or rather, mansions. There are houses that are super huge. I thought Marcus’ house was huge but those are even bigger, four times the size of marcus’ house, more like 60,000 sq feet. If its four times the size of marcus’ house, it’s like 12 times bigger than mine. Angela and I was like, OMG DO WE EVEN HAVE A CHANCE TO STEP INTO SUCH HUGE HOUSES, let alone own them!?

These houses are my motivation.

After that, fetched Angela home and a long ride home.

Fun day!

  1. hahahaha…. thanks alot for accompaning me for dinner… very touching… awwwwwwwwww

  2. btw, i can really eat alot. dun be surprised!

  3. very touching? then i accompany you for dinner everyday, then you will be so touched until you cry and you can use your tears for your new washing machine, WATER SAVING INDEED!!! ahahaaha!


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