Spampost: Night expedition 2

In blog on November 24, 2008 at 12:59 am

It was a normal Friday and I can vaguely remember what interesting things happened in school, I’ll go straight to the dinner at crystal jade.

Still at School, waiting for Sam and Seng to come.

In the Car.

We have to fight the bloody jam.

Wow, a 7 series wedding car, imagine being in that car when I marry, OMG, that’s like super long into the future.

Shady Sam, start of the spamming of her pictures


Here comes the MR UNPOPULAR!! No lah, just joking. Kaming is like the most popular guy you can find in SB, super lots of friends and stuff. This guy is the guy that treated us to crystal jade, THANKS KAMING,

Referee face.

Random pic that sam took.

Here you go again, spammage of sam’s face


Super nice prawn, cooked by Kaming’s father!

Best food of the day, most important of all, the chicken is from VIETNAM!!! Omg angela cook this for me plz, ahaha!

Err, Random Vege, doesnt taste good ONE BIT. That’s for me but the rest are like enjoying it like hell.

The fish, sam took this, hmm, not bad for a beginner!!


Sam advertising for Sony Ericsson

Who’s that Guy?

Kaming’s friend’s wallet.

Oh, it’s the monkey King.

PEACE….NOT. No peace with kaming.

Sam, once again,

Nokia sucks, I know.



The sweetest thing I’ve ever ate in my whole life, when I mean sweet, it’s super sweet. In a bad way.

Seng and Ming Ge playing tic-tac-toe

Seng indulged into the fun.

With Insolent-Ming

Keep rolling the dice.

Awww, sam is sad.

Aww, Sam is Happy.

Aww, Sam is excited.

Awww, sam is sad again

Authorized Apple User Demonstrating the capabilities of the iPod Touch.

Sam wants to kill my phone, kill lor.

Another Sony Ericsson Advertisement


Add in the logo, slogan and website, an ideal advertisement flyer, ahaahha!

Ming loves iPods


Kaming saying ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

Out from the toilet, OMG SOUNDS WRONG.

Kaming wants to strangle me

Group Shot

Why kaming and yan jing so islolated?

A better group shot



Errrr…. Read the damn words.


On to the bakery.

Buying stuff

Kaming’s look is priceless it’s like, you wanna get thru Gyver you gotta get thru me first.

Sam in the carpark

Changed car!

Spam Sam.


Camwhore again

Camwhore once again

Camwhore once again and again

Camwhore overload, even sam can’t take it

Seng’s turn!

Kaming’s in a Disco World

We’re at Popeye

Lamey Sam

Chatting with Junyu i think.


Angela’s busy on the phone.


be afraid of my spoon, be VERY afraid.

Sam says, be Afraid, VERY afraid of my bones.

Eat your damn vege lah!!

jerry’s bones

Checking out the map, wheres BARRAGE?

Poser lah sam

Sam’s very own Smile


Good Sony Ericsson Handphone

Very bad Guess wallet.

Seng is the X FACTOR

Ahahah, sam love to point middle fingers too.

That’s for pointing middle finger. Can learn good thing don’t want, learn bad thing.

Fighting, like for what reason?>

What the hell are you holding my hand for?



Keep pointing.

LOL, Angela’s cute SAD SAD face.AWWWWWWW

KEEP BITING, I’m like super immune after angela’s bites.

Told ya it didnt work on me.

Kaming’s super HOT!!!!

Jerry and Seng Gossiping ahahha.

Super nice shot, Sam took this I think.

I took this, looks even better!

3 of us. I love my matrix move.

Group shot, I didnt smile because I wasnt ready i think. Sam looks like ballet girl.



And angela!

After that, we went to Mt Vernon Funeral Palore and Japanese Cemetry park, not much pictures and videos sadly, but its fun nevertheless!

Sam saying Hi.

At mount vernon

Everyone with their nervous looks, just want to get out of the lift asap!

Cemetery Park!

And a small video about Sam’s super brave experience. Turn up the volume ahahh!



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