SpamPost: Badminton+Dinner+Icecream

In blog on November 24, 2008 at 2:19 am

It’s not only tuesday but it’s also BADMINTON DAY!! I am always looking forward to tuesday because:

  • Lessons are short and sweet, except for Dora’s, it’s not sweet at all.
  • There is a 100% chance we will play badminton.
  • There is a 100% chance we will eat dinner outside
  • There is a 150% chance the day will end very nicely.

The tuesday adventure started when I fetched Angela to her brother’s school to do some errands, along with Junyu and Jerry. Sheena didn’t come along because, well, I don’t know.

Taken at the carpark.

Jerry and Junyu bored in the car. They started to listen to chinese songs and I RAN out of the car, ahah.

Random Pics.

The picture quality is superb, like comparable to a DSLR.

Angela being super happy in the boot.

Jumped straight IMM! Went there to repair my havanas, bloody strap came off again, shady sam wasn’t there to repair for me đŸ˜¦

A big X. It’s not enough!

Junyu and Sze Kee

Jerry’s eyes hurts.

Camwhorers again. You can see poor me fetching the damn bread just because I sat on the outer seat.

My shocked expression, like wtf, its not enough?

yes, this is not enough.

Junyu playing hide and seek.

Bread gang.

Yes, this is how we eat the bread and butter, put the cube of butter on the bread, indulge.

Best soup ever.

Jerry’s ribs.

Walao, jerry’s face damn scary.

And he’s a mad tomato fan.

Sze Kee chionging the food, ONCE AGAIN.

Grilled chicken.

Junyu and Sze Kee shared this small piece of chocolate cake.

Yes, I know, I know. I’ve grown from a cute little boy into a greedy money lover.

Squashed face. Sze Kee was the culprit.

Shopping for shoes.

Omg, so nostalgic, I used to be the king of aeroplane chess, not.

We came across this.

Jerry wants fridges.

Angela shopping for washing machines to replace her 2% spoilt one at home.

Wtf whose nails are these.

Shit it’s mine! Aiya, since she’s happy doing it then why not?! Thank god she brought nail remover the day after.

Omg, sze kee want me to do the rock on thing to daryl, thats why I can’t remove. ANGELA HAPPY NOW?!OMG

Junyu emoing, aww. What happened?! Must be jerry again, ahaha.

Sze Kee camwhoring, she took my camera and went trigger happy.

Group photo, why jerry so sian sian. And that Angela kept laughing at my face on this photo, like WHY?! Look like rabbit meh? -_-


Then we went swensens for Supper!

Omg, HSM3, zacs face is censored, ahah

Junyu and Angela’s favourite.

I was posing, yes. I wasn’t really retarded.

Spoilt for choice.

Err, sze kee?!

Act fierce.

Act fierce again.

Angela checking out which color is the nicest.

Our orders.

The most colourful picture of the day.

Stupid angela laughing like hell after seeing that group photo, about my rabbit face, what the?!

Junyu, I told you Angela looks as if shes crying.

Jerry being serious.

Don’t try to squint your eye, you can’t see anything more. Angela’s picture on the IC looks so…..hmm..

A groupshot with the iPod touch! Seng says the iPod touch is the livelihood of DBA12, people can’t survive without it, how true i wonder.

Exploring others belonging can be great fun.

Now I know why the water in Angela’s house tastes so good, she adds black pepper into it.

What’s she looking at?



  1. i wan my name to b big big! i shall tag often! hahahahas! n btw. nice post!

  2. lol it’s not aeroplane chess lah, it’s called ludo if i’m not wrong đŸ˜›
    anyway hello!
    and byexzxzxzxzx. đŸ˜€


  4. wah sai.. i tink pictures really can like.. LINK TO EVERYTING we do.. and no need type out also noe wat did we do during tat day lei..=X amazing!! =P

  5. Tuesdays are wonderful.

  6. @junxu, no matter you post how many comments still small small one!! because it’s call TAGS! i insert them one, one tage 2 dollars. if you want

    @sheena, aiya my old friends used to call it AEROPLANE chess lah!!! BYE SHEENAS

    @shiqi,STOP YOUR RABBIT FACE HOR, if not next time i presentation i flash your LAO SI FACE!!!! Yes, the pictures are good, WHOSE CAMERA< WHO TAKE ONE?! Not really link to everything lah, can link to our badminton meh!?!?! Only can link to your CAMP T-SHIRT

    @jerry, YES, i am sooooo looking forward to next tuesday!!!

  7. huh… y…. i wan super big one eh. >< nvm! i’ll continue to tag!


  9. hahahaha… I love all the photos…. especially the rabbit one! hahahha… i have registered that in my brain, will laugh everytime i thought about that. omg… cannot stand…. and you are really nice guys… to paint on! hahaha… very fun Tue!!!

  10. got rabbit meh? WHERE?!!?! I registered your act-cute face that I took at the fc5, every time i look i will also laugh and think, omg, why angela will act-cute one, LOL!!!!

    Next time it’s my turn to paint on your nails, beware.

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