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In blog on November 23, 2008 at 5:07 pm

I’m going to post every single event that had happened for the past few days, I have pictures but I have yet to post them here. Well, I just can’t find the time to edit the pictures because I’ve been going out too much for this week, spent too much money and I am now officially bankrupt until Dec 1 comes. Being bankrupt is good for a reason, it prevents you from wanting to eat out and stuff, complements the study period very well.

ConB MST is like next week, I’m quite glad that I’ve more or less started on it. But the intensive periods are yet to come, measures such as locking up all the distractions have yet to begun, access to internet during these periods have to be prevented, because, no matter how boring the internet is, I still can find things to do on the internet, that’s a bloody bad thing and habit.

Blog-able topics for this week:

  • Night Expedition 2 for last Friday
  • Pizza on Monday
  • Badminton+Dinner+Ice Cream on Tuesday
  • PSCM Project Meet-up plus chatter session on Wednesday
  • Pizza on Thursday
  • Angela’s Farewell dinner on and shopping with the crazy szekees and junyus on friday
  • Ultra-fun Ping Pong session with Marcus, Jaslyn and Sarah on Saturday

gyversmallTime for keyboard spamming
(a little word challenge for you there sheena, LOL)


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