MacBook Pro Is My Precious

In blog on November 16, 2008 at 4:15 am

Two to three weeks ago, I made one of the best decisions in my life, by saying yes to a MacBook Pro. I bought it from an authorized apple store in Funan the IT mall.

For the two to three weeks I’ve used the laptop for almost 24 hours, it was there when I did my homework, it was there when I did my projects, it was there while I was bored and it was there even when I slept.

Two to three weeks later, in other words now, there is no evidence of regret. I have to admit, Macintosh owns Microsoft hands down.I will elaborate later.

Out-Of-The-Box Boxing by Apple.

So I opened the box slowly and carefully, it was one of the best product packaging I’ve ever seen so far. It’s so integrated, it’s all fitted in one neat box. No unwanted styrofoam thingies, unwanted plastic covers or whatsoever. Even unboxing the laptop is an experience itself.



The black slip there says designed by Apple Califonia, I think. I slowly took the MacBook out by pulling the slip and off it went. I tore the plastic cover apart like a freaking tiger and was amazed at the super smooth material used on the surface, or rather, the whole body. The new macbook is made by a block of aluminium, which is stated to be more light-weight, less parts which means its quite “green”.

When I lifted the screen, the keyboard was protected by a thin sheet of styrofoam-like thingy.

Keyboard protector

Took the sheet of Styrofoam off to reveal the beauty, without clothes!

There you go! The MacBook Pro!!

There you go! The MacBook Pro!!

I pressed the on/off power button on the top right of the body and it booted up very quickly.

A short video to welcome us to the world of Macintosh, in many languages like german, chinese, korean etc.


I was greeted by a new user set-up wizard, it was a seamless process, entered the password, settled all the settings and off I go, into the world of Macintosh.

I let the battery charge for awhile before indulging myself in the excitement of exploring the laptop

My room in a mess

As you can see, my room is in a complete mess, excited to try the laptop out, I just threw everything around. But its definitely neater than the previous time I opened my HP laptop.

Crisp and Clear LED backlit screen

Crisp and Clear LED backlit display

The screen is an ultra-thin LED backlit display with adjustable brightness, which is very useful for different situations such as typing this post right now in a very dark room. You can turn the screen off, very useful for cleaning the screen to look for thumbprints and dusts.As mentioned earlier , the details on the screen are very clear.

Many reviews on the web stated the reflection on the glass surface is very irritating, but I don’t have any problems with it indoors, I have not tried using it outdoors though.

Beautiful and superb keyboard

Beautiful and superb keyboard

The keyboard on the MacBook Pro is indeed a dream come through. It is evenly spaced apart and it’s very nice to type with. It is not too soft nor too hard and typing isn’t very noisy.

There are many command buttons on the top-most row such as brightness adjustments, dashboard, music control and speaker volume. It’s working well so far, very useful especially when you are listening to music.

Also, the dvd-eject button is positioned at the top-right corner, which will eject the dvd when you hold the button to prevent accidental ejection of the dvd. Pretty neat function.

Backlit keyboard

Backlit keyboard

The backlit keyboard is very useful for ultra-dark situations. Nicely lit up as seen on the picture above.

The multi-touch trackpad

The multi-touch trackpad

The most ingenious trackpad I’ve ever used, the mult-touch trackpad. There is nothing but a huge button, which is the trackpad itself. You can simply click by either tapping the trackpad or just by pushing the whole trackpad down like a traditional trackpad button.

It recognizes different combinations of touch commands such as swiping left or right with 3 fingers, scrolling up, down,left or right with 2 fingers and even viewing the desktop with 4 or more fingers.

The only thing I dislike is the sheer difficulty of right-clicking an icon. You have to either click on the bottom left or right corners of the trackpad or putting one finger on the trackpad then followed by pressing the whole trackpad with another finger.

There are occasions where I have to repeat the process many times, the most I’ve attempted is as much as 15-16 times. There is just this period of time where its not sensitive enough to pick up your touches when you need the right-click command.

The speakers

The speakers

Don’t judge the book by its cover. It looks tiny and small on the surface but in reality, it is very impressive. The speakers can be said to be as loud as any normal desktop speakers. Sound quality is good. The only drawbacks are that the holes on the speaker might be trapped by dusts for example. I don’t know if thats the case but you can see different portions of the speaker coloured differently, for example, a portion being black and a small portion being white.

The different ports

The different ports

It comes with:

  • 1x MagSafe power port
  • 1x Gigabit Ethernet port
  • 1x FireWire 800 port
  • 2x USB 2.0 ports
  • 1x Mini DisplayPort
  • 1x Audio line in
  • 1x Audio line out
  • 1x ExpressCard/34 slot
  • 1xKensington lock slot

The only ports that’ve used so far are the magsafe power port and the two usb ports. I have to say that the USB ports are not very convenient to use. Firstly, there are too little USB slots, two is definitely not enough. This can be easily solved by buying a seperate USB hub.

The second problem is more severe though. The USB ports are placed too near each other. Without the use of a USB Hub, plugging two usb plugs/device together is totally impossible. If you have a horizontally-thick USB thumbdrive or device, for my case, the Starhub Mobile internet device as seen below, you can forget about ultilizing the next empty USB slot.

Starhub USB Device

Starhub USB Device

Other than that, I have nothing more to complain about since I don’t use the FireWire port and the DisplayPort port yet.

Magsafe Port

Magsafe Port

The MagSafe port is another unique feature that can’t be seen in other laptops. Its basically an A/C power wire but with a safety feature. It connects to each other using magnetic forces.

In case anyone trips on the wire, it will be automatically disconnected, preventing the laptop from being flunked away. Maybe it might be exeggerating but who knows if it might happen. Safety first I guess :).

Apple Adapter

Apple Adapter

The unique power adapter that allows you to coil up your unwanted wires. There are two-three different accessories for this adapter if I remember correctly. One wired adapter, one direct adapter and one adapter for international power outlet inputs.

The power indicator

The power indicator

The battery power indicator is placed at the left side of the laptop so that you can check your battery life without turning the laptop on. Useful feature but I haven’t really used it since I bought it.

The Glowing Logo

The Glowing Logo

The instantly recognizable glowing apple logo. It gives a glow when you turn the lit up and stop glowing when you put the lid down. An interesting feature indeed. It’s just beautiful.

In conclusion, here are the pros and cons:


  • Beautiful and sleek design
  • Performance is superb
  • Interface is very userfriendly
  • Multi-touch touchpad very useful
  • Superb Keyboard
  • Crisp and clear display
  • Good speakers
  • Good battery life(2.5 to 3.5 hours)
  • Dual Graphic card(able to choose either high performance or good battery life)


  • USB Ports placed too close together
  • Automatically go off standby mode if you remove any usb device when the lit is closed
  • Confusion of the state of the computer after the usb incident occurs. For example, turning the lid down turns standby off whereas turning the lid up turns standby on.
  • 2.5kg is definitely quite a burden
  • Screen is thumbprint and dust magnet
  • Material might be easily scratched, its aluminum after all, right?
  • Lack of games for Macintosh
  • Internet might be laggy at times compared to using Windows.

In all, I give this MacBook pro 4.5 stars out of 5. It’s the best buy of my life, apart of the iPod touch 2nd gen. I know I sound like an Apple fan, but their products are really, well..Innovative. Sheena don’t hate me plz k thx.

  1. stop showing off ur damn macbook! and my statement tat macbk sucks STILL STAND! muahahhaha. what happen to my post?? did u delete it??

  2. lol okay lah must admit it’s really stylish. but i really don’t like the usb portion. đŸ˜›

  3. ya man quite coolios… damn sleek. but im still contented with my acer! haha.

  4. erm… well, agree that it is cool, but i still find it’s damn hard to use. so hahahaha….

  5. @SARMANTHAR what the, I am not showing off lor. I procrasticated for like a few weeks before I posted this, I just have to blog about this lappy, it’s too…. GOOD!!! You don’t fake lor, you are the materialistic kind where will say apple sucks!! if apple sucks your GUESS sucks too!

    I didnt delete it, its like ON TOP?!

    @sheenalikeohmyfarkinggod YAY, finally you admit!! just because sam says it sucks you follow her lor! You all always team up against me omg, i am so freaking dissapointed in you, seriously. I also dont the usb portion, gotta live with it sheena gotta live with it.

    @sherlim, hahahah, yeah its damn sleek. you can try doing what that melissa suggested, paste the apple sticker on your acer lit, tell melissa to see if its real or fake, LOL!

    @angelala, yay you agree its cool too! It’s not hard to use lor, you will get used to it. But from what I see you like used to it liao leh, still know the 4 fingers trick leh, pro sia!!!!!

  6. nice. đŸ˜€ you can change the world. GYVER CHANG GYVER CHANG! NA-NANANANA-NANANANA- you can change the world! LOL. hao lian lah. So far i only know how to use the photo thingy. I so noob. hahahaha. K la, bb love you. LMAO

  7. nice lappy you got there!.. but then i still like the white one better, dont really fancy the black keyboard although given the “oh so fantastic features!”, but overall, Macintosh rocks!

  8. Linux will rule the world. it’s just a matter of time.

  9. @joey, what the hell??!?!!? photothing damn easy and fun to use yess….

    @jaslyn, no choice, the white one is old model, of course will go for the new one right? lol, yes mac rocks!!

    @daryl, what’s the big deal about linux anyway, lol!

  10. @darryl

    inside mac is freebsd

    unix/linux is already rule the word now….

    u both dumb ppl!


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