Random Lunches are Random Fun.

In blog on November 10, 2008 at 12:28 am

I’m just gonna blog about some random lunches since I have a few pictures to post. Hands are itchy so, why not?!

The lunch at… BILLYBOMBAS.

So after school on Wednesday, Sheena, Angela, Jerry, Sze Kee and I went to Billy Bombers@ central for lunch. The rest, such as sam, seng, lynette went to Taglio @ central for lunch as well. They took MRT while we took express transport services. Sze Kee went off soon after we settled down at billy bombers.

We found out that there’s OBAMA and MCCAIN meals there, how cute. Of course we supported obama. Angela and Sheena shared the Obama 1 for 1 burger thingy. We ate and we chat. Angela ate, chat, and pinched. omg, she just wouldn’t let me off. Sheena ate, chatted and act-cuted. Jerry ate, chatted, made stupid faces, and obama-crazed. I ate, chatted, took photos, and was tortured. 一边吃一边被tortured, how nice.

Jerry’s favourite pose.

Sheena’s Murder Tastes….errr, Monsterous

WTF Sheena wants attention!!! ghahaha joking! After all sheena’s temperament is melancholic, right?

Stupid angela is like so happy, after the pinches of course.

We ate and ate and ate and then went back after that, fun indeed!

The next day, it was a lunch at ASHTONS! This time, It was Sam, Sherlim, Yan Ling and I.

Sheena didn’t want to come along, I don’t know why. Angela didn’t come along because she walked too slow. The rest such as Kaming, Lai Nette didn’t come along because they want to study in school, I think.

So we went to ASHTONS @ The Cathay for lunch. On the way there was a pretty hilarious drive. Because during Lecture, I think I pissed Sam off or something, after she pissed me off by drawing stupid stuff on my hands and vandalizing her schedule book. I wrote ” The day I pissed Gyver off” on 6 November. Then guess what she did, she stepped on my slippers when I was on the way to foodcourt as revenge! As a result, the strap came off and there you go, I am entitled to a free Shoe Repair Service by Shady Sam Shoe Repair LTD.

shadysamWah Public Ltd sia, business not bad!

Ahaha, many years of experience!

Jerry wants to smoke

Sherlim wants to smoke too.

Yanling is happy because sherlim wants to smoke, hahah jkjk!

Sam is emo, awwwwwwwww!!! Her super high to super low thingy still happens, LOL!

After that, we went back to school to slack for a little before that ITP thing starts.

That’s all! Cya!

  1. hahaha 1800-shadyrocks. x)


    IM A SLAVE 4 YOU . NOT !

  3. idytee is a slave for you gyver.
    don’t bully junyu’s pm.

  4. @sheena 1 wtf you told me to look away while you are commenting and you just type a few words omg!!

    @idy, where got noisy!!! you are slave for me…YES!!!

    @sheena, not i bully, she put herself one

  5. Thanks for making me famous. and i didnt noe i have such a hidden talent in me! plus waddsup with that shady sam thing?? oh, and i have a company? lol, so u gonna invest in my comp? it’ll be 10k yeah? thanks, i accept nets, visa, masters. PAYPAL and cheque are also available(:

    P.S possible to remove tat pic?

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