The Night To Remember

In blog on November 6, 2008 at 12:08 am

31 October is definitely the night to remember, let’s just say it’s one of the funnest day of my life.

That day’s schedule is practically an all day fun day.

8am- 1pm School
2pm-6pm Kbox
6pm-8pm Dinner
8pm-10pm Random Fun
10pm-4am Night Expedition

Let’s just skip the school part and go straight to the main details. So after school, sheena, sam, jerry, lynette, junyu, seng, sherlim, szekee, kaming and myself squeezed into the previa I borrowed from dad and went all the way to somewhere near Sam’s house to do some kbox-ing. We parked the car in Sam’s house, then walked a bloody distance to Katong Laksa to have lunch. I was like the super odd one out, everyone odered laksa while I ordered my hokkien mee and everyone ordered some sugar cane while I order soyabean. Black Sheep of the day indeed!

p.s. this is not my picture.

Then after lunch, LAI NETTE went to some cakeshop to buy some cake and sze kee went to some icecream shop to buy the taiwan ice-cream. After that we bought some bubble tea and chionged to kbox. So the 9 of us squeezed into a karaoke room. Not bad indeed. It belongs to lai nette aunt or something, so give it a visit! See lai nette! Help you advertise leh!!!

The first few songs, Lai nette and i simply SPAMMED all the spice girls song, this is like the best kbox period ever omg, like 5-6 songs that I really know how to sing omg. So lai nette and I sang while the rest, sianed for awhile and kept asking WHEN WILL THIS FREAKING END?! ROFL!

Well, after that chinese songs appeared and it’s my turn to be sian. Then the never-sing-kbox-before-sheena sang some songs, like finally? But soft soft one, junyu was another super soft one. The loudest would be the krazy kaming, which sort of emoed for 2 hours before being high for the next two hours. The part where I shared the mic with kaming during the That’s Why was the funniest. It was a holy shitties fun session. Lainette had to leave early so she sang a few chinese songs first. Well, k lah, admit lai nette voice is good! Kaming voice is super out of tune, sze kee,junyu and sam are the chinese-songs spammer. Jerry is like the super switcher that knows all the chinese and english songs we sang.

Sheena, Junyu and Lainette had to leave early, but wierdly we sort of got high after that, all the songs choosen after that are so generic that everyone knows them, for example, Won’t go home without you, Shape of My Heart etc. This is the part where my throat went haywire, I am still having sorethroat now.No pictures as all of them are with sam!!!

After that, sherlim left and the only people left was sam, sze kee, jerry, seng, kaming and me. We went back to Sam’s house to “redeem” my car, we was almost trapped there as sam doesnt have the key. Thank god her mum came back and off we go, Sam went home. On the way back home, we listened to some chinese new year songs since thats the only cd in my father’s car.

Went back to my house and charged the lappy, crap around a little, Kaming did some posing.


Tried to do some SEXYBACK pose but failed. LOL!

GL KAMING. Kaming, explain what is GL to Melissa!!!

Jerry playing time crisis.

Sucide arh???

Kaming’ve got something to say.





Seng asked what is my response.


Is my response.

We went to the nearby Chom Chom @ Serangoon Gardens soon after that. Had a superb dinner there, I think its equal to Newton Circle.

What we ordered:

  • 2 Carrote Cakes
  • 2 Oyster Omelette
  • 10 BBQ Chicken Wings
  • 20 Satay, 10 Chicken, 10 Pork
  • 4 Giant Sugar Cane drinks and 1 Giant Longan Thingy

The food was superb, will organize one in the future definitely! The pics are sort of in my spoiled w960i, so, chances of posting it here are slim, super slim.

We went back to my house after that, bathed and got ready for the activities to be activated. We played ps3 until 10 and went to pick daryl up. In the car, everyone is like excited, like omg what will happen later?! While waiting for daryl, Angelala called and said she called for fun, like WTF?! Then Jerry and I finally convinced her to come along. Picked Angela up and off we go! We have a full Night Expedition team:

  1. Gyver
  2. Jerry
  3. Seng
  4. Angela
  5. Szekee
  6. Daryl
  7. Kaming

We went to Changi based on the laptop google-earth-GPS, which was pretty, well, redundant at times. Chatted like hell on the car, was super fun with so many people on board. Daryl brought like 3 torches and his camera, a gorillapod. We are like totally equipped for this thing.

Daryl rocking the world.

Angela saying hi to the world

Carming stfuing the world

Sze Kee says hi too

Daryl kena constipation.

Then when we reached the changi costal road, daryl sort of gave directions since he is quite familiar with that area. In the end, we got lost but got into some super adventurous fun. First, the road is like super quiet with forests surrounding us. Secondly, we found a car parked by a canal and find it to be quite unsual. So we sort of drove around to find out what happened. Third, we were lost.

We u-turned and went back. Then we found that we should go straight instead of turning right. In the end, we found the place we are looking for, Old Changi Hospital.

Welcome to the Old Changi Hospital!

We were not alone when we reached there. Some teenagers celebrating Halloween was there as well, I guess they are hoping to meet something scary and something real. And there was a few smokers, like wtf, 15 year old kids smoking, it was a disgusting sight.

So we decided to go into the Old Changi Hospital, it’s like located on top of a small hill, a perfect place for a hunted hospital. All of us was ready, Seng was the camera man, Daryl was the pathfinder and the rest followed, except for Angela, who refuse to enter the greatest place on earth! She kept spamming “NOOOOOOO, I am scared!”. Then she kept pulling my shirt and say “NOOO i’m scared, I’ll stay here”.


Eventually she came along, and our Night Expedition began! The place was super isolated and mega-dark. The floor was filled with debris. The first few moment we went into the house was pretty hair-raising but seriously, after a few minutes into the expedition, you’ll find it’s just a walk in an old house. Nothing happened, nothing seen. But it was a nice adventurous walk. There are many different part of the hospital but we didn’t manage to visit all of them, wards, toilets, staff rooms and even a torture chamber. Though we didn’t enter the torture chamber, I feel tortured with the presence of Angela beside me. She hit me, she pinched me and even BIT me, omg. Not once but twice. It’s definitely twice bitten forever shy.LOL

We came out of the hospital after like 7-8 minutes, finding ourselves soaked with freaking sweat. Yes, it was OBVIOUSLY non-airconditioned and non-ventilated. People like daryl and seng was like omfg it’s not the end, we want more!

Danger? WOW. I am so freaking scared. Freaking grafittis.

So dark, you’d think you are blind without a torch light.


Kaming coming out unsatisfied, “WHERE ARE THE GHOSTS?!”

Jerry saw something?!

Say hi!

A typical Halloween setting!

So we went in for another round, this time with super noob little kids-that-smoke-like-as-if-they-are-heroes-outside-but-act-like-coward-inside.sugardaddy

Rofl, Daryl is a sugar daddy!!!

Stupid angela waving bye to us.

If they tell me they are friends forever, I’ll definitely believe them. They hold their hands so tight, nothing in this world could break them!


At the end of the expedition, we took a group shot.

First ever DBA-12Night Expedition Group!

Seng and Daryl testing out the GorillaPod

What we found from the trip! Not for the faint-hearted! Kudos to seng!

We came out of the Old Changi Hospital and went straight to…… POPEYES AT CHANGI!!!!!!

It was like a 10mins drive to the airport, everyone was kind of tired. However, we still have the mood to have fun. Ordered food and chatted like hell! Let the pictures do the talking!

Insolent-ming. On the way up to the 2nd storey Popeye.

Still happy @ 1am.

Angela kena shocked by the vibrating water-cooler

My handphone in a very very sad state.

Jerry reached the peak of the day. But hey, THE NIGHT IS STILL YOUNG!!

Stare what stare? Angela and her fake smile! There is something……..ah nvm!AHHA

Daryl and his open eye big big thingy.

The ever-hungry seng.

Watching the baby ghost all over again.

PROOF that angela abused me, serious! I can’t even drink in peace.

Sze Kee chionging the food

LOL @ Kaming’s sleepy smile, ROFL.

Angela simply can’t stop laughing, like WHY?!

Daryl loves his fries.

The last groupshot..

We all went home after that.

It’s definitely a NIGHT TO REMEMBER!!



Stay Tuned! There are still VIDEOS!! Not so soon though! ghaha!

  1. NICE!!!! but why singing no my part… was i that stone that day??? so insignificant???? AWWWWWW

  2. @seng singing got lah, but you sing CHINESE SONGS lor LOL!then sing so soft also!

  3. am i like the FIRST TO READ?=X lol.. THE PICTURES ARE SOOO NICE..=) lalala.. read tml!! now like 12.20 am le!!! faint!~~

  4. cuz my songs is emo sad love song… whr got ppl sing emo sad love song use scream de….

  5. I and kaming BLASTED thats why lor

    emo then got emotion to SHOUT LIKE HELL.

  6. @shiqi, MAYBE, i think seng is too!! LOL.. TOld you the pictures are nice liao, eh, professionally selected leh! ghaha jk… ok read tomorrow then!!

  7. LOL @ your “hunted” hospital.

  8. omg gyver! this post is super hilarious!
    n its not sugar cane! its lime juice la!
    n i sing where got soft?!
    u jus turn the volume down, turn my mic volume up, den i will b louder! xDD

  9. Omg Gyver, the black sheep has a name tag there, called “GYVER”, I saw that, didn’t you see that? But hor, really have to admit, all the photos are fabulous! seriously! hahahaha… hehehehehe… hihihihi… hohohohoho…. huhuhuhuhu…..
    Erm… How should I say? I really love torturing you. hahaha… so better watch out… there’s always someone behind you, who’s that? ME ME ME ME ME… hahahaha… so funny lah the post, i cant stop laughing loh.

  10. LOOOOOOL! nice post ;D
    Im more afraid of being caught for trespassing then anything else lmao.

    i swear i saw the ‘thing’ in the vid turn around to look at the cam D:

  11. This is the best post ever.

  12. @sheena, OMG I TOLD YOU TO READ not to correct my spelling OMFGSHEENAS!!!!! You are so gonna die. No more sushi sheena, no more sushi!!

    @junyu, ahahha thanks, i think the best is kaming’s pic right ghahahah!!Oops, i didnt know its lime juice!!! Whatever juice it is, I am the only one that didnt drink a juice, lol! Anyway why go thru so many painful process to up this down that, just SING LOUDER!!!!LOL!

    @angela, Err……Yes, because i am black sheep as at the moment i am at katong laksa with the rest!!! Of course fabulous lah!! Who take one?! OOOPS, most of them is sze kee take one leh!!!! LOL!! please think of more sentences rather than those old one please, and you love torturing me? Just tell me why is it so fun?! I’ll retaliate soon. You’re not behind me, there is something else, serious. can’t stop laughing? THEN KEEP ON LAUGHING.

    @daryl, ahahaha thanks!! LOL, are we trespassing? I thought it was like open to public or something, omg you didn’t tell us we are trespassing?! Or do you mean the spiritual aspect?!

    Yes, I swear i saw that thing in the video turn too, it was…HORRENDOUS!.

    @jerry, I think so too, I took much effort to like post all the pictures omg, I WANT ANOTHER ONE SOON!

  13. hahahahas! 0kie! sing louder! rah!!

    eheh. the ulu pandan. can we lyk go dinner de? supper super late eh. but i think lyk quite ex izzit? seafood leh. did u manage to c the price?

  14. @junyu, sing louder lah! Sing to your limit, like what Kaming did, dont care your voice sucks or what lah!!!

    ULU pandan is open at night only, so its ok lah… We eat until late also can ahahah!!! I dunno the price leh, go there then see lor, share the BURDEN!!

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