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In blog on November 2, 2008 at 12:44 am

We were supposed to have some badminton session on Tuesday, but quite number of them couldn’t make it. I would had stayed and play with a few people but Angela and Junyu wanted to watch “high” school musical 3, so Jerry and I joined them.

So we took the long ride to vivo via AYE, as always a long sleepy ride. And obviously, no one wants me to fall alseep :(. When we reached there, we bought the tickets, I was quite redundant at first but I was kinda curious to know what kind of movie high school musical is about, and angela and junyu was like HSM3 or nothing at all!!!

After that, we went to Carls Junior for lunch, it was quite a filling lunch but I think I ordered the wrong chicken burger, didn’t taste as good as before. We were talking about many things, we couldnt decide what to eat, the burgers are so… generic, all of them looks the same. Junyu and I can’t eat beef,so we can only eat chicken burgers. Found out many things, especially that Angela know karate, I was like omg? No wonder her hits hurt like hell, so watch out people, she’ll seriously kick your ass. Fierce sia.

Went to watch hsm3 after lunch, it was quite a painful-yet-fun experience, let me tell you why. What I can say about the movie is that it’s sort of, highly-and-extremely exeggerated. The focus is like totally on the guys and this movie is really meant for girls and only girls. But I must admit Ashley Tisdale looks great, ghahah. Sadly, I sort of slept for awhile in the cinema because it is totally not interesting, one moment it’s all singing and dancing, the next moment it’s also singing and dancing. Angela said I am snoring while I took a nap but I don’t think so, I don’t snore! I think. Enough of the painful parts.

Next, here’s the fun part. I think it’s more fun watching and hearing Angela randomnly laughing at NOTHING than watching the damn dances. Yes, I am serious, there was one part where she just looked at me and laughed hysterically for like 2-3mins and she almost cried. But I think she cried during the touching parts. I also think Junyu cried but she said it was sensitive nose, hmmmmm… Jerry also said the movie sucked.

Conclusion: HSM3 is a girl magnet, guys repeller.

After that, I wanted to choice Marche but Angela had to rush back to school for some primers thingy. So we went back to school for dinner, the ride back was totally spamming songs, Jerry and I sang like crazy freaks while angela and junyu sat back and listen, awwww. Didn’t expect angela to know 7 things by miley cyrus, she was like, why wouldn’t I know, LOL!!

On the way to school, the road to business block was sort of “barricaded”, It was a stupid thing to encounter. There was so many freaking cars parked around and why would a barricade be there to prevent cars from going in and fro, it must be a prank by some omfg-i-am-too-freaking-free-smokers-ahbengers.

We ate at foodcourt 4 and angela rushed off and junyu and jerry went home after that.

It was a fun day.

  1. Gyverer, HSM3 is super nice can? Stop saying it’s lame or else I will break your neck. But indeed i can really kick your ass! No doubts! And guess what ppl, Gyver did snore okay? So loud i can hear, can? Lolx… And Miley Cyrus is actually Hannah Montana, I watch Disney channel one de, okay ? Hahaha… the way you wrote is like so funny lah, cant stop laughing…

  2. omg angelala, as i told junyu, HSM3 is for GIRLS!!!! whichever guys that love this movie can be said as…well…I don’t know, but they’re wierd to love watching guys dancing here and there. HSM3 IS LAME, come break my neck lah!

    can karate can ride motorcycle, superwoman sia!!! I swear i didnt snore, serious… I know you watch disney channel lah, cartoon network also, omg, you’re like….err eightteen?!?!?

    miley = good
    dont stop laughing then!hahahaahhaahah

  3. wat for girls?! so many guys oso watch it lor! u say again next time i visit ur car i play each n everyone of hsm3 songs! hahahas! n if can connect my ipod i play hsm3 plus 2!!! muahahahahahaha!!!

  4. Guys watched it but did not enjoy it lor.

    I and jerry = boys, we didn’t enjoy đŸ˜¦ đŸ˜¦ đŸ˜¦

    You dare play all HSM 3 song?! Come lah, I not scared, because a few is nice! LOL

    Play HSM 1 nicer leh, more original and less….well…BITCHY LOL!

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