Ultra Funs Five

In blog on November 2, 2008 at 3:12 am

Wednesday should be quite a boring day since people have gems and stuff, though we end school like super early. CONB Lecture was cancelled, so we only have Melissa Lim/Lime/Lame’s tutorial. Some lazy people like angela and idy didnt come, lol. But the lesson was fun nevertheless, theres still the krazy Kaming, junyu, jolene, haihong there.

After school, I and Seng went to Hali Lane to get a pouch for my laptop.

We went there to find out that the shop will only be open at 2. At that time, It was only 1, so I went back to take my shoes and have a haircut. Went to Seng’s house after that as he take his shoes and stuff for the captain ball thing after that.

Met Jerry in school, kaming as well. The captain ball thing starts a little late at 3.30. Played captain ball and it’s bloody exhausting. I can’t see how the rest can go on forever and ever.

Sze Kee came at 5, she joined in the game and hell she was super pro. Though I had to admit I seriously don’t like basketballers. They had to use basketball style to score a damn ball, do wierd stunts and stuff. How act-cool is that? Ok kaming, you are excluded.

Sent Sze Kee home after that, then Jerry, Seng and I went to Haji lane to get the pouch. Haji lane is definitely a place lai nett will like, it’s like super corner!!! LOL! casuarina curry at thomson was next. Had a nice dinner, the bloody murtabak was superb, the best orange chicken I’ve ever eaten! After that we had a super nice heart-to-heart talk, it was primarily focused on seng, I had no problems and so do jerry. Then we talked about super funny things like Ai, De, Tor.

It was a nice guys night out.

Here’s the new pouch! Costs a freaking bomb @ 59.90

  1. walao… gyverer, i where got so lazy one, anyhow say onli.

  2. you woke up late right? what anyhow say sia??! angelala = lazy

  3. Thanks for the new name, CHANG LEK KEK!

  4. ehehehehe
    tell u a secret

  5. @LAI NETTE, no problem no problem! A complimentary gift since you give me chocolate, omg lai nete you are the best!!!! Didn’t take me much time to think of that new name ghahah!!!

    @seng, What the, you are apple authorized user still say suck, walao!!

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